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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

A crowded chapel,   pp. 56-58 PDF (740.2 KB)

Page 57

When our army occupied Bremen, Col. Daley said the Ger-
mans crowded the sidewalks and watched miles of American
motorized vehicles enter the city. Following the American troops
came the British, all in American vehicles. Later one of the Ger-
man residents with whom he had contact reported to him that the
comment of the Germans was- "They told us America had no
rubber; they told us America was torn with strikes. Look at the
equipment; the most marvelous we have ever seen!"
Visited the German Rathskeller known the world over-it is
undamaged. Here is a G.I. restaurant. The Americans having
captured 2,000,000 litres of beer, free beer is served to all G.I.s
from 5 to 8, every afternoon.
Lots of people ride bicycles. Sad people everywhere. Food
situation is very bad-women stand in line from 4 o'clock in the
morning until 10 and are able to buy only enough food for
meager sustenance.
General Koenig told us in Brussels that the American venereal
rate was much higher than the British. Col. Cohen, Commander
of the Medical Corps here, says that is not correct; that the
British do not keep records; that sometimes he musters his men
at 2 a.m. for medical examinations.
The Colonel in charge of Bremerhaven Port says the Army
should allow German civilians one day's rations in order that they
may work, for there is a big job to be done. The Army, of course,
doesn't issue rations to civilians for fear of repercussions from
home. I told the Colonel that he should issue a statement to the
effect that they are feeding German civilians working on the
Europa in order to get the work done so that the American boys
can be returned home quickly. A statement of this kind would
offset any later criticism.
The North German Lloyd's big laundry was being used to
wash the Army's clothes. A German demolition expert had re-
ported all the piers in Bremerhaven were mined but at the end
the steamship industrialists prevailed upon the Nazis to evacuate
and cut the demolition wires, thereby saving their shipping invest-

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