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Kaminski, John P.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Fields, David P.; Conley, Patrick T.; Moore, Timothy D. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Rhode Island (3)

VIII. The Rhode Island Convention second session, 24-29 May 1790,   pp. 984-1012

Page 988

"That the State Legislatures have Power to recall, when they think
it Expedient, their Federal Senators and to send others in their
The house then adjournd to 3 o clock P.M.-
Thursday 3 o clock P.M. the House Met according to adjournmt.
Present as in the forenoon-
Thursday 3. o Clock P.M.-
The House being called-Voted that there be a cointee to draft such
further Amendmts to the Federal Constitution as they shall think nec-
essary, and also the filling up and Completing the bill ratifying the form
of the Adoption of the Federal Constitution-and that the Comftee
Consist of Two from each County; towit, from Newport, Mr. Geor. Cham-
plin Mr. Burrington Anthony, from Providence Mr. Benja Bourne &
Mr. Stephen Steere. Washington Mr. Jona. J Hazzard & Mr. George
Stilman-Bristol Mr. Shearjashub Bourne Mr. Benjamin Boseard [i.e.,
Bosworth] Kent Mr. Benjamin Arnold and Mr. Christr. Greene7-and
that they report as soon as may be-
The house then adjournd to 10. o clock Tomorrow Morng-
[28 May 1790]
Fryday Morning 10. o Clock May 28th. 1790.
The house then met according to adjournmt.
Present as Yesterday-
The business of the day being Preceeded by an Elegant and Concise
address to the Deity by the revd. Mr. Patton8-
The House then took up the report of their Conittee9
Which being read and received ordered The three articles of
an endmt reported by the comtee in addition to those Amendments
already made be added to the Amendmts. & Ingrosed-Towit
(1st. That Congress have Power to Establish a uniform Rule of In-
habitancy or settlmt. of the Poor of the United States throughout the
United States.
2d. That Congress erect no Company with exclusive Advantages of

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