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Kaminski, John P.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Fields, David P.; Conley, Patrick T.; Moore, Timothy D. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Rhode Island (3)

VII. The Rhode Island Convention first session, 1-6 March 1790,   pp. 898-983

Page 973

this State not being in the Union, were pointed out in a most striking
manner; on the other side it was asserted that the majority of the citi-
zens of this State were against the Constitution, that if the members
present should now act they must reject it, but they observed that a
rejection would be dangerous, that by an adjournment they should not
experience the evils, which they had reason to fear might be conse-
quent upon a rejection, and that this would give an opportunity for
further consideration; but no assurances were given by the members in
opposition, that they should come together with a more favorable dis-
position, nor any encouragement of a change of sentiments in their
constituents:-upon the question being taken for an adjournment, it
was decided in the affirmative, by a majority of 9.3
A motion was then made, that the time of adjournment should be,
to the fourth Monday of March instant-In support of this motion it
was observed, that the indulgence of Congress ceases on the first of
April, and in case of an adoption, in the present month, we shall not
suffer the injuries, which would attend an adjournment to a more dis-
tant day, and that it would afford full time for taking the sentiments of
their constituents-This motion was however negatived by a majority
of 64-And the last Monday of May was proposed and carried by a
majority of 4.5
(Newport was fixed on as the place of meeting, by a majority of 1.6
The Convention consisted of 70 members, all of whom were present
on the second day, and gave their vote on every question which was
After the vote of adjournment was carried, a vote passed for referring
the consideration of the Bill of Rights and Amendments, to the Free-
men of the State, at their annual meeting on the third Monday of April
1. Reprinted: Boston Gazette, 29 March; Philadelphia Federal Gazette, 31 March. The Bos-
ton Gazette, 15 March, reprinted the text in angle brackets, shortening the previous par-
agraph to "Saturday last the Convention adjourn'd to the last Monday of May, it was
carried by a majority of 4." The Gazette's version was reprinted by the Newburyport, Mass.,
Essex Journal, 11 March, and Connecticut Courant, 22 March. The New York Daily Advertiser,
27 March, printed a longer summary of the Herald's account (along with a summary of
the proceedings for 2-3 March) (Mfm:R.I.). Other portions of this item are printed
under the newspaper reports of Convention proceedings for 2-3, 5 March (above).
2. For the legislature's "application" and the "indulgence" granted by Congress, see
RCS:R.I., 676-78, 736-37.
3. Theodore Foster's notes of Convention debates and the Providence Gazette, 13 March,
give the vote as 41-28 (RCS:R.I., 963, 975-76).
4. Foster has the motion losing 38 to 31 (RCS:R.I., 966).
5. Foster has the motion carrying 36 to 32 (RCS:R.I., 968).
6. Foster has Newport defeating East Greenwich 35 to 34 (RCS:R.I., 968).

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