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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Delaware

Brutus: an enquiry into the present grievances of America, (Philadelphia) Freeman's journal, 28 May 1788,   pp. 347-351

Page 350

mechanics, not despise and undervalue them; they being in
fact a principal pillar in the state, and of as much conse-
quence as the farmers themselves. Science, agriculture and
manufactures, like three beams, though standing upon different
foundations, unite at the top and mutually support each other.
The man of science instructs, the farmer feeds, and the
mechanic clothes and furnishes us with utensils.
"Sciences are encouraged, agricultere is encouraged,
but manufactures are entirely neglected;--hence all our
difficulties. If this leg be taken away the other two must
fall. Let me then, my fellow citizens, endeavour to per-
suade you to encourage your manufactures, and remember it
is the only alternative which can save you from a general
bankruptcy. To effect this, foreign manufactures must be
immediately prohibited, for it is a farce to pretend to
encourage our own, while foreign are admitted.--No doubt the
usual objection will be bandied about, that the preference
ought to be given to the cheapest goods--but this objection
is founded neither in sense nor reason, because, if 3s. per
yard is paid for linen the manufacture of the state, the
cost of the linen remains in the state, besides maintaining
the different persons employed in the manufacture; but if
ls. 6d. per yard be given for foreign linen of the same

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