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Wolff, R. L.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / The later Crusades, 1189-1311

Important Dates and Events,   pp. 759-762 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 762

1265 February 8 Hulagu dies; son Abagha establishes fl-Khanid dynasty in
1266 February 26 Charles of Anjou defeats Manfred at Benevento, wins Sicily
1266 Aug.—Sept. Mamluks under Kalavun devastate Armenia 
1267 May 24  William II of Achaea becomes vassal of Charles of Anjou 
1267 December 5 Hugh II of Cyprus dies; cousin Hugh III is chosen king 
1268 May 18  Antioch is overwhelmed by Mamluks, completely sacked 
1268 August 23  Charles of Anjou and William II defeat Conradin at Tagliacozzo
1268 October 29 Conradin is executed; Hugh III of Cyprus becomes king of
1268 November 29 Clement IV dies; 3-year papal interregnum ensues 
1270 July 18  Louis IX and French crusaders land in Tunisia 
1270 August 25 Louis IX dies; Charles of Anjou negotiates peace with Hafsid
1270—1272  Edward [I] of England leads crusade to Tunisia and Palestine
1270 November x8 Crusaders leave Tunisia after ratifying treaty (November
1271 April 8  Baybars takes Krak des Chevaliers after month's siege 
1271 September 1 Gregory X becomes pope, ending interregnum 
1273 July 9  Last Assassin stronghold in Syria surrenders to Mamluks 
1274 July 6  Union of Latin and Greek churches takes place at Lyons 
1275 May 11  Bohemond VI of Tripoli dies; son Bohemond VII is under regency
1276 January 10 Gregory X dies; three short pontificate3 follow 
1277 March 18  Charles of Anjou purchases claim to throne of Jerusalem 
1277 April 18  Mamluks under Baybars defeat Mongols at Albistan 
1277 May 20  John XXI dies; Nicholas III becomes pope (November 25) 
1277 July  Baybars dies; sons become nominal Mamluk sultans in turn 
1278 May 1  William II dies; Achaea reverts to Charles of Anjou 
1279 December  Kalavun seizes Mamluk throne, subdues revolt (1280) 
1280 August 22  Nicholas III dies; Martin IV becomes pope (February 22, 1281)
1 28 1 late Oct.  Mamluks under Kalavun rout invading Mongols near Homs 
1282 March 30  Angevin garrison in Sicily is massacred (Sicilian Vespers)
1282 December 11 Michael VIII dies; son Andronicus II becomes emperor 
1284 March 4  Hugh III of Cyprus and Jerusalem dies; son John I succeeds
1284 June 26  Pied Piper incident at Hameln recalls Children's Crusade 
1285 January 7  Charles of Anjou dies, leaving realm to son Charles II 
1285 March z8  Martin IV dies; Honorius IV becomes pope (April 2) 
1285 May 20  John I of Cyprus dies; brother Henry II succeeds (to 1324) 
1285 summer  Philip III of France leads fruitless crusade against Aragon
1286 August 15  Henry II of Cyprus is crowned king of Jerusalem at Tyre 
1287 April 3  Honorius IV dies; Nicholas IV becomes pope (February 15, 1288)
1287 October 19 Bohemond VII of Tripoli dies childless, leaving disputed
1289 April 26  Mamluks under Kalavun take Tripoli, sack it, massacre Franks
1289 September 16 Florent of Hainault marries Isabel of Villehardouin, rules
1290 Nov. or Dec. Kalavun dies while marching on Acre; son al-Ashraf Khalil
1291 May 18  Mamluks under Khalil take Acre, ending kingdom of Jerusalem
1291 May—August Remaining Frankish towns in Syria surrender to Mamluks
1292 April 4  Nicholas IV dies; z-year papal interregnum ensues 
1293 December 13 Murder of Khalil touches off struggle among Mamluks for
1294 July 5  Celestine V becomes pope, ending interregnum 
1294 December 13 Celestine V abdicates; Boniface VIII becomes pope (December
1297 January 23  Florent dies, leaving Achaea under regency 
1298  Mamluks sack Adana, Mamistra, and other Cilician cities 
1301 February 12 Philip of Savoy marries Isabel, rules Achaea under Charles
1303 October 11  Boniface VIII dies; Benedict XI becomes pope (October 22)
1304 July 7  Benedict XI dies; Clement V becomes pope (1305—13 14)
1306 June  Charles II deposes Philip of Savoy from Achaean rule 
1307—1314  Templars suppressed by Philip IV of France and pope 
1307 November 1 Mongol Bilarghu kills Armenian rulers, crippling Cilician
1309 August 15  Rhodes surrenders to Hospitallers, who establish their order
131 1 March 15  Catalans overwhelm Franks (under Walter of Brienne), win

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