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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / The first hundred years

Gazetteer and Note on Maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (12.6 MB)

Page 630

Aragon; Aragon (Spanish): region of NE Spain — Dd, i. 
Aral Sea — PQcd, 4. 
Araxes (classical), Aras (Turkish): river — N5e1, 3, ~. 
Arbela: town — see Irbil. 
Arbrissei (French): village 50 miles NW of Angers. 
Arca: town — see Arqah. 
Archelais: town — see Aqserai. 
Arcy (French): village 8 miles north of Vézelay. 
Arçl ar-Rum: city — see Erzerum. 
Ardagger or Ardacker (German): town, now unimportant — G5c2, I, 2.
Ardahan: town — see Artan. 
Ardèche (French): district of NE Languedoc. 
Arevintan: fortress — see Ravendan. 
Arihã: town — see Jericho. 
al_cArimah (Arabic), Aryrna (medieval): village — L2f1, 5, 14. 
al-~Arish (Arabic), Rhinocolura (classical): town — K4f4, ~, 6, 8,
Arjish (West Armenian), Arsissa (classical), Arjish (Arabic), Erjish (Turkish):
town — M4e2, 3. 
Aries (French): town i8 miles SE of Nlmes. 
Arm of Saint George (medieval): the Sea of Marmara and Bosporus. 
Armenia; Hayastan (Armenian), Ermenistan (Turkish): region north of Lake
Van—Mde, 3. 
~Arqah or ~Irqah (Arabic), Arca or Irqata (classical): town — L2f1,
5, 7. 
Arras (French): town — E3b~, I. 
Arsinga: town — see Erzinjan. 
Arsissa: town — see Arjish. 
Arsuf; Apolionia-Sozusa (classical), Arsur (medieval), Arsuf (Arabic): town,
now unimportant — K~f3, 6, 8. 
Artäh (Arabic): town, now abandoned in favor of Reyhanli — L2e4,
5, 9, II, 
Artan (medieval), Artahan (East Armenian), Ardahan (Turkish): town —
Artlenburg (German): town, now unimportant — Gibz, 2. 
Arwad: island — see Ruad. 
Aryma: village — see al-~Arimah. 
Arzghan or Arzighan (Arabic), Ercican (classical): town, now unimportant
— L2e5, 5. 
Ascalon; Ashkelon (classical), ~Asqalan (Arabic): port, now unimportant —
K~f4, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13,14. 
Ascanius or Ascania, Lake (classical), Iznik Gölü (Turkish): lake
west of Nicaea. Ashdod; Azotus (classical), IsdUd (Arabic): town —
K~f4, 6. 
al-~Ashtara (Arabic), Ashtaroth (classical): village — Lif3, 6. Ashturqah:
town — see Astorga. 
al-~Asi: river — see Orontes. 
Asia Minor (classical): region equivalent to western Anatolia. cAsqalan:
port—see Ascalon. 
Assailly (French): suburb of Lorette, 17 miles ssw of Lyons. Asti (Italian):
town — F4di, i. 
Astorga (Spanish), Ashturqah (Arabic): town — C4d3, i. Asturias (Spanish):
region of NW Spain — Cd, i. al-Atharib (Arabic), Cerep (medieval):
fortress — L2e4, 5, io. 
Athens; Athënai (ancient Greek), AthInai (modern Greek): city —
14e3, 2. Atlantic Ocean — i. 
Atlas Mountains — Cf, .1. 
Attalia: port — see Adalia. 

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