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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Letter from Premier Khrushchev to President Eisenhower, on the question of a summit meeting, June 11, 1958,   pp. 281-290 PDF (4.6 MB)

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DOCUMENTS ON GERMANY, 1944-59              283
Immediate cessation of atomic and hydrogen weapons tests;
Renunciation of the use of all types of atomic, hydrogen, and
rocket weapons;
Creation in Central Europe of a zone free of atomic, hydrogen,
and rocket weapons;
Conclusion of a non-aggression pact between states;
Prohibition of the use of outer space for military purposes,
liquidation of foreign military bases in foreign territories, and
international cooperation in the study of outer space;
Reduction in the number of foreign troops stationed in the ter-
ritory of Germany and within the borders of other European
Conclusion of a German peace treaty;
Prevention of surprise attack against one state by another;
Measures to expand international trade relations;
Development of ties and contacts between states;
Cessation of propaganda for war, hostility, and hatred be-
tween peoples;
Ways to ease the tension in the Near and Middle East.
We are putting the question of universal cessation of atomic and
hydrogen weapons tests in the forefront. Why are we doing this?
For the simple reason that such tests are, even now, in peace time,
poisoning the. atmosphere and the soil, contaminating every living
thing on earth, having a pernicious effect on the health of human
beings, and threatening the life of future generations, not to speak of
the fact that these tests are leading to the creation of new and even
more destructive types of weapons, the use of which in the event of an
outbreak of war would have the most serious consequences for hu-
An agreement on the cessation of nuclear tests, which is possible
seven now, would strengthen trust between states, would contribute
to the creation of a peaceful atmosphere, for which the peoples of all
countries are so starved, and would be a good beginning which would
-pave the way toward solution of all major international problems.
In striving for the cessation of nuclear weapons tests we have uni-
laterally ceased testing, although this places us in an unfavorable
position as compared to NATO member countries. After all, it is
well known that the USA and the United Kingdom have conducted
"a considerably greater number of experimental explosions of nuclear
- weapons than the Soviet Union has, and thus an agreement on the ces-
sation of these tests would stabilize the situation to the advantage of
the NATO countries. But we are willing to accept this, we are sac-
*rificing our interests, guided by the higher interests of mankind, and
we consider that a cessation of nuclear weapons tests by all states
would not give rise to distrust, but would rather contribute to the
achievement of the main goal-to avoid war.
In making the said decision to cease tests we appealed to the USA
and the United Kingdom to follow our example. However, much to
our distress, the Governments of the USA and of the United Kingdomi
have not agreed to this and are continuing to carry on explosions of
nuclear weapons. In these circumstances we consider it particularly
important that this question be urgentlv discussed at a summit coil-

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