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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Declaration regarding the defeat of Germany and the assumption of supreme authority by the Allied Powers, June 5, 1945,   pp. 13-18 PDF (2.3 MB)

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14            DOCUMENTS ON GERMANY, 1944-59
the boundaries of Germany or any part thereof and the status -of
Germany or of any area at present being part of German territory.
In virtue of the supreme authority and powers thus assumed by the
four Governments, the Allied Representatives announce the follow-
ing requirements arising from the complete defeat and unconditional
surrender of Germany with which Germany must comply:-
Germany, and all German military, naval and air authorities and
all forces under German control shall immediately cease hostilities in
all theatres of war against the forces of the United Nations on land,
at sea and in the air.
ARTicLE 2.
(a) All armed forces of Germany or under German control, wher-
ever they may be situated, including land, air, anti-aircraft and naval
forces, the S.S., S.A. and Gestapo, and all other forces of auxiliary
organizations equipped with weapons, shall be completely disarmed,
handing over their weapons and equipment to local Allied Com-
manders or to officers designated by the Allied Representatives.
(b) The personnel of the formations and units of all the forces
referred to in paragraph (a) above shall, at the discretion of the
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Allied State con-
,cerned, be declared to be prisoners of war, pending further decisions,
and shall be subject to such conditions and directions as may be pre-
scribed by the respective Allied Representatives.
(c) All forces referred to in paragraph (a) above, wherever they
may be, will remain in their present positions pending instructions
from the Allied Representatives.
(d) Evacuation by the said forces of all territories outside the
frontiers of Germany as they existed on the 31st December, 1937, will
proceed according to instructions to be given by the Allied Repre-
(e) Detachments of civil police to be armed with small arms only,
for the maintenance of order and for guard duties, will be designated
by the Allied Representatives.
(a) All aircraft of any kind or nationality in Germany or German-
occupied or controlled territories or waters, military, naval or civil,
other than aircraft in the service of the Allies, will remain on the
ground, on the water or aboard ships pending further instructions.
(b) All German or German-controlled aircraft in or over terri-
tories or waters not occupied or controlled by Germany will proceed
-to Germany or to such other place or places as may be specified by
-the Allied Representatives.
(a) All German or German-controlled naval vessels, surface and
submarine, auxiliary naval craft, and merchant and other shipping,
wherever such vessels may be at the time of this Declaration, and

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