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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1899
Part I ([1899])

Reports concerning Indians in Oklahoma,   pp. 282-309 PDF (14.2 MB)

Page 304

304            REPORTS OF AGENCIES IN         OKLAHOMA. 
dred Sabbath-school papers and lesson cards to the large and small ones that
attend Sunday school. 
Our attendance is from 40 to 60. 
I have visited 120 homes; have cared for the sick; assisted in burying the
dead; tried to comfort 
the bereaved ones, and in every way tried to make them feel I was a friend
to them. 
I would suggest that a way be provided for the care and education of the
blind who are on this 
reservation. I desire to express my gratitude to our agent, J. Jensen, also
to W. B. Webb, clerk in 
charge, at Pawnee, for the courtesy and kindness with which I have been favored.
Respectfully submitted. 
Field Matron, Pawnee Reservation. 
J. JENSEN, United States Indian Agent. 
SAC AND Fox AGENCY, OKLA., August 31, 1899. 
SIR: I have the honor to submit my annual report of affairs at this agency
for the 
year ending June 30, 1899. 
Location.-This agency is located on the SE. 1 sec. 21, T. 14 N., R. 6 E.,
in Lincoln 
County, Okla. It is 6 miles south from the city of Stroud, Okla., on the
line of the 
St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. Stroud i' a growing city of 2,500 population,
and is the railroad station and telegraphic point for this agency, with which
there is 
telephone connection. 
The Sac and Fox Mission Boarding School of this agency is located on 640
acres of 
land adjoining this agency, the school buildings being about half a mile
northeast of 
the agency proper. 
The Absentee Shawnee Boarding School is located 1 mile south of Shawnee,
on a reservation of 476 acres, 39 miles southwest from this agency. The post-office
address, telegraphic and railroad station is Shawnee, Okla. 
The Sacred Heart Mission (contract school) is located 65 miles southwest
of the 
agency in Pottawatomie County, Okla. The telegraphic and railroad station
Shawnee, Okla., and the post-office address is Sacred Heart, Okla. 
These schools have been well conducted during the past year, and the relations
between agent and superintendents are most harmonious; I would therefore
mend that no change be made in those positions. The farmers at the two boarding
have produced good crops of oats, corn, and vegetables, which go far toward
the stock and supplying the school with extras during the season. The superintend-
ents are in harmony with the agent to make the coming school year one of
benefit to the Indian children. 
The following table shows the population of the different tribes under this
Citizen Pottawatomies..    .   .  .   .   .   .   ..---------------------------------1,618
Males above 18 years of age-............................572 
Females above 14 years of age.,.    .   .   ..---------------------590 
Children between 6 and 16..    .   .   .    ..------------------------ 408
Absentee Shawnees..    .   .   .   ..    .   ..-------------------------------------507
Males above 18 years of age..  .   .  ..     ..-----------------------.156
Females above 14 years of age..  .  .   .   ..---------------------187 
Children between 6 and 16..    .   .   .    ..------------------------ 150
Sac and Foxes.   .    .     .    .    .    .     ..-----------------------------------------528
Males above 18 years of age -- --.---------------.148 
Females above 14 years of age..  .  .   .   ..---------------------155 
Children between 6 and 16..    .   .   .    ..------------------------ 123
lowas.    .    .   .    .    .    .   .    .    ..-----------------------------------------------
Males above 18 years of age-............................22 
Females above 14 years of age. .   .     ..----------------------35 
Children between 6 and 16.  ..    .  .   .   ..------------------------28
Total number of four tribes..  .   .  .   ..----------------------2, 735
Indians.-The Sac and Fox Indians were allotted 160 acres of land per capita
1891, 80 acres of each allotment to be held in trust by the Government for
a period 
of twenty-five years exempt from taxation, the remaining 80 acres to be held
in trust 
for a period of five years exempt from taxation, with the privilege of a
longer term at 
the request of the tribe and the approval of the President of the United
States. In 
accordance with the above clause, the five years trust period was extended
to fifteen 
years, thus barring sale or taxation until the year 1906. 
In addition to their lands, the Sac and Fox Indians have on deposit with
United States $1,320,000, drawing 5 per cent interest, which is paid to them
annually. If this amount were divided among them pro rata they ivould receive

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