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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1883

Report of the commissioner of Indian affairs,   pp. III-LXXI ff. PDF (28.2 MB)

Page XXI

These conditions were approved by the Department on March 22 last, 
nd a copy thereof transmitted to the company for its acceptance or 
-ejection March 31. On the 7th April last the president of the com- 
pany Tel)lied objecting to the terms imposed by the Indians as being 
exceptionally severe, and not justified by the tenor of the act of Con- 
gress under which the company had proceeded to take the preliminary 
stcl)s for the construction of the road. On the 13th April last this 
office replied that the terms upon which the Indians consented to the 
right of way did not materially differ from those voluntarily proposed 
to the Indians by the railway company April 21, 1882, viz, the build- 
ing of a school-house on the reserve at a cost of $3,000, and fencing of
the road. A definite answer was requested from the company whether 
it would accept the conditions or not, but up to the time of closing this
report no reply has been received. I understand, however, that no 
action has been taken by the company towards building the road upon 
the reserve. 
Sioux Reserve in Dakota--Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Rail- 
way.-Since the date of my last annual report this company has paid into 
the Department, for the use of the Sioux Indians, the sum of $1,424.76 
compensation for right of way and depot grounds on the Crow Creek 
Reserve, east of the Missouri River, in accordance with the terms of the
agreement of November 13, 1880. The maps of definite location of the 
(40-acre tract west of the Missouri River, the 188-acre tract east of the
river, taken by the company for depot purposes, and of the right of 
way through the Crow Creek Reserve, have severally been approved by 
the Department. 
Sisseton Reserve in Dakota-Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Rail- 
way.-In the annual report of this office for 1880 mention was made of 
a right of way granted to this company under the provisions of the 
treaty with the Sisseton and Wahpeton Indians, February 19, 1867, for 
the extension of the Hastings and Dakota Division of its road west- 
wardly through the reserve. The compensation stipulated to be paid 
to the Indians was at the rate orf $1.75 per acre for the lands required
by the company for right of way and station purposes. A map of defi- 
nite location of the road was duly filed by the company and approved 
by the Department July 22, 1880. The necessary papers evidencing 
the formal consent of the Indians were prepared and transmitted to 
the agent, but pending the Indians' signature they were destroyed by 
fire at the agency. 
In the mean time the company had projected another road, known as 
the Whetstone Branch of the Hastings and Dakota Division, running 
in a northwestwardly direction through the reservation, and which it 
is understood is now partially built. Maps of definite location of the 
branch road have been filed by the company with the Department, 
action upon which is deferred until the formal consent of the Indians is
obtained upon new papers which have been prepared and forwarded to 
the agency for signature. 

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