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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1864

Colorado superintendency,   pp. 216-258 PDF (17.3 MB)

Page 226

might sweep off our settlers by thousands, and devastate a large part of
settlements, before relief could be provided for by your orders, to say nothing
of the delay of its being sent six hundred miles overland after it leaves
Missouri river. 
I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
Governor Colorado Territory. 
Hon. E. M. STANTON, 
Secretary of War. 
APRIL 11, 1864. 
DEA*R SIR: I am in the receipt of yours of the 26th ultimo. In behalf of
people I am greatly obliged for your interest in our protection from Indian
hostiliti'es and our general welfare. 
The letters forwarded last fall to department headquarters and to Washington,
giving notice of an alliance among the various tribes of Indians on the plains
for purposes of war on the settlements, I fear were too well founded to justify
indifference. Recent events point to a confirmation of the reports then sent
to this office. Colonel Chivington has been informed of a recent robbery
Irwin & Jackman's herd by the Cheyenne Indians to the extent of about
hundred and seventy head of cattle. The colonel has sent a detachment of
troops to recover the stolen property.  Information from down the Platte
in regard to the conduct of the Indians is such as to throw doubts upon their
peaceable disposition. 
For fear the papers referred to of last autumn may not have come to your
notice, I send herewith copies for your information. I shall, at all times,
pleasure in keeping you informed of such authentic accounts of the situation
I may have obtained. 
I am, general, your obliged and obedient servant, 
Governor Colorado Territory. 
Major General S. R. CURTIS, 
Commanding Department of Kansas. 
Denver, April 25, 1864. 
DEAR SIR: I had the honor of laying before the Interior and War Depart- 
ments at Washington, as well as the district and department headquarters
Colorado and the Missouri, last fall, information which I regarded as reliable,
showing that several tribes of Indians on the plains, i. e., the Sioux, Cheyenne,
a part of the Arapahoes and others, had formed an alliance for the purpose
hostilities against the whites this spring. 
I have now to inform you that, in pursuance of the plans then divulged to
through spies, they have commenced by the robbing of settlers. and stealing
stock in large quantities and attacking soldiers sent out for their recovery.
I am confident that these powerful tribes are allied, and believe they have
on the Republican a place of rendezvous from which parties are sent out for
plunder. Colonel Chivington is active engaged in efforts to meet the emergency,

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