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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1855

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No. 36. 
Oifice Indian Affairs, October 19, 1855. 
Sra: The paragraphs in the annual report of Agent Miller, in rela- 
tion to the dissatisfaction expressed by the Wyandots and Shawnees, 
because the whole amount of their annuities was not sent forward, are 
calculated to produce the impression that that officer entertains views 
and opinions upon the subject not fully in accordance with the true 
interests of the Indians, but rather in harmony with those of that 
class of men who are very ready to throw obstacles in the way of the 
government, in its administration of Indian affairs, and to adopt the 
means necessary, whatever they may be, to obtain the Indians' 
The "policy" of retaining a portion of the annuities of 1855-'6
the treasury until next spring was not submitted to the agent for his 
views. That question was determined here, and, with the approba- 
tion of the Secretary of the Interior, action was taken, of which you 
were informed by letter of 14th August, and the sums deemed proper 
sent forward, and which the agent has. received. The propriety, or 
policy, of the measure did not come before Agent Miller, and his 
reference to the subject, in that point of view, is as inappropriate as 
his views are, in my opinion, inconsistent with the true interests of 
the Indians themselves. 
You will apprise Agent Miller of the contents of this note. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
A. CUMMING, Esq., 
Superintendent Indian Affairs, St. Louis, Mo. 
No. 37. 
September 30, 1855. 
SIR: The time has arrived when, in compliance with the obliga- 
tions of the Indian Department, it becomes my duty to make an 
annual report of the condition of this school. 
You will see, by referring to the accompanying list of names, that 
during the past year, commencing October 1, 1854, and ending Sep- 
tember 30, 1855, there have been received into and taught in this 
(87) eighty-seven Shawnee children. 
(22) twenty-two Ottawa children. 
(10) ten Wyandot children. 

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