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Morgenthau, Henry / The tragedy of Armenia

The greatest horror in history,   pp. 3-[16] ff. PDF (4.0 MB)

Page 14

We now come to a matter of crucial interest.
In how far was the German Government re-
sponsible for the murder and deportation of the
Armenians ? Let me say most emphatically, the
German Government could have prevented it. My
strenuous and repeated efforts to enlist the
interest of the German Ambassador, the late
Baron Wangenheim, in behalf of the Armenians
were fruitless. In my numerous interviews with
him I tried to impress him with the thought
that the world would consider Germany morally
responsible for the crimes of her ally. I urged
that even from an economic point of view it was
not to Germany's advantage that the Turks
should destroy the constructive elements of the
country, as that would mean the economic ruin of
the Turkish Empire. Then, in the event that
Germanv should become the ruler of Turkey, she
would find it an empty shell ! When I found that
my arguments were of little avail, I suggested
to my Government the desirability of bringing
pressure on the Foreign Office in Berlin to the end
that instructions be sent to the German Ambas-
sador in Constantinople to insist upon a cessation
of the atrocities. This resulted merely in a Note
from the German Embassv to the Sublime Porte
protesting against the horrors perpetrated by the
Turks. The purpose of this Note was merely
to absolve the German Government from all

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