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Morgenthau, Henry / The tragedy of Armenia

The greatest horror in history,   pp. 3-[16] ff. PDF (4.0 MB)

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As this massacre of the Armenians, judged both
by the numbers involved and the methods used,
was the greatest single horror ever perpetrated in
the history of humanity, the questions will often
be asked, How many Armenians were actually
murdered or died of starvation or exposure ?
How many were driven into a miserable exile ?
Following the important collection of documents
made by Viscount Bryce is a careful summary of
the facts. The total Armenian population in the
Turkish Empire in 1912 is here placed at between
1,600,000 and 2,000,000. Of these 182,000 es-
caped into the Russian Caucasus and 4,200 into
Egypt. One hundred and fifty thousand still
remain in Constantinople. To this figure must be
added the relatively small number of survivors
who escaped death and are now living in hiding
or are scattered in distant provinces.* We must
conclude that a million Armenians were harried
out of their homes in the peaceful villages and
populous towns of Asia Minor. The murdered
number from 600,000 to 800,000. The remainder,
in pitiful want of the barest necessities of life, hold
out their hands to the Christian fellowship of
* Since this was written the number of those who have taken refuge in
Russia has been more than doubled, and the number of those who have
escaped in different directions is also considerably increased.

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