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Morgenthau, Henry / The tragedy of Armenia

The greatest horror in history,   pp. 3-[16] ff. PDF (4.0 MB)

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munication between the provinces and the capital
in the naive belief that they could consummate
this crime of ages before the outside world could
hear of it. But the information filtered through
the Consuls, ntissionaries, foreign travellers and
even Turks. We soon learned that orders had
been issued to the governors of the provinces
to send into exile the entire Armenian popu-
lation im their jurisdiction, irrespective of age
and sex. The local officers, with a few exceptions,
carried out literally those instructions. All the
able-bodied men had either been drafted into the
army or disarmed. The remaining people, old
men, women and children, were subjected to
the most cruel and outrageous treatment.
I took occasion, in order that the facts might
be accurately recorded, to have careful records
kept of the statements which were made to me
by eye-witnesses of the massacres. Theses state-
ments included the reports of refugees of all
sorts, of Christian missionaries, and of other
witnesses. Taken together, they form an account
of certain phases of the great massacre which
canot be questioned and which condemns the
brutal assassinators of this race before all
the world. Much of the material which I col-
lected has already been published in the excellent
volume of documentary material collected by
Viscount Bryce.

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