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Morgenthau, Henry / The tragedy of Armenia

The greatest horror in history,   pp. 3-[16] ff. PDF (4.0 MB)

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of the Armenians and convinced them  that
the old relations of conquering and con-
quered races would continue. The long-hoped-
for equality and liberty failed to materialise.
The treatment of the Armenians became so
intolerable in 1918 that they appealed to
the European Governments for relief. After
months of negotiation an arrangement was con-
summated whereby the Sublime Porte permitted
of two European Inspectors who were to have
supervisory powers in the six Armenian vilayets.
Messrs. Hoff and Westeneng, the former a Swede
and the latter a Hollander, were appointed.
They came to Constantinople for instructions
and had not; yet been fully installed when the
European War broke out and the Turkish
Government promptly revoked their authority
and asked them to leave the country.
The months of August, September and October
1914, while Turkey was still neutral, proved to
be a time which marked great turning-points in
the history of Turkey. The Turks promptly
mobilised, abrogated the capitulatory rights of
the foreign subjects, abolished all foreign post-
offices, increased their customs duties, and in
everv other way took advantage of the fact that
the Great Powers were at war with each other.
Their success in preventing the Allies from
piercing the Dardanelles made them feel like

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