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Ratified treaty no. 292, documents relating to the negotiation of the treaty of June 22, 1855, with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians
(June 22, 1855)

Ratified treaty no. 292, documents relating to the negotiation of the treaty of June 22, 1855, with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians,   pp. [1]-[35] PDF (24.3 MB)

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ARTICLE XVII. Anumpa Atokowa Isbt Awah
United States okut teshka chipota i holilita,
mnieha holisso shali i hina, nahullo miko in chaka,
avohmi ai lhpesa he puta hoka, Clahta, Chika-
sha j yakni anukaka ai ikba he vt, in lhpe-
saslike, yohmi hoh kia yakni, iti aiena yommako
isht ahni ket laua ona ai ulhpiesa illa ho ish-
ashke, yohmi holi kia tushka chipota   holihta
holisso shali ihina, nahullo miko in chuka, yoh-
mi aiyukaka ihikbit halulli cha, Chahta Chikasba
kanimampo kia, nan immi ha im -ai ishi, keyn
hokmut, im okpuni, aiyumihincbi hokma, United
States okut ulhtoba clhpiesa ho atobbashke.
United States hatak imn ilhtohno illa, micha
Chahta, Chikasha okla i nan ulhpisa nuta hikia
illa aiena kak osh, tushka chipota j holihta yakni
clhpisa i fullota, micha nahullo miko in chuka
yakni vlhpisa j fullota anukaka yp, yakni atok-
sulit, nan ulhpon abofantichashke, yvmohmikmut
Chahta, Chikesha okla i nan ulhpisa kobuffi yet
yumma chukowet isht ik ablakufo kashke.
ARTICLE XVIII. Anumpa Atokowa Isht Aw-
United States, keyukmut hatak nana ai itapela
nan ulhpisa nuta ka heli hosh, Chahta, Chika-
slia okla j yakni, iti chanulli luak i hina, micha
tuli fabussa isht ai anumpuli i hina, ai ikba he ut
in culhpiesashke, yohmia holh kia hina yohmi
ihikbi ch4 Chahta, Chikasha kanimampo nana
ai immi atuka ai im ishi, keyukinut im okpuni
hokma, ulhtdba ai clhpiesa ka nan im okpulo tuk
aiyuka ka, United States in chitokaka ak osh
miha ho, ayohimi puta ka ai akostininchi na, Wli-
toba ai clhpiesa ho im clhtobashke.
ARTICLE XIX. Anumpa Atokowa Isht Ahbi
United States okut cheki akinli ho, Chahta
yakni vlhpisa uhli j liushi akuchaka imma, micha
hushi aiokatula imma aiena ka anumpa atokowa
ummona holisso iluppa atakali ka ai annowa tuk
ai ghlichi hosh, isht ai oktunit bilia he a ikbit
bachohlashke. Yohmikmut Chikasha im ulhti i
hurshi aiokatula imma ai chli, yvmma isht ai ok-
tunit bilia he 4 ikbit bacbalashke.
ARTICLE XX. Anumpa Atokowa Isht Pokoli
ARTICLE XVII. The United States shall have
the right to establish and maintain such military
posts, post roads, and Indian agencies, as may
be deemed necessary within the Choctaw and
Chickasaw country, but no greater quantity of
land or timber shall be used for said purposes
than shall be actually requisite; and if, in the
establishment or maintenance of such posts, post
roads, and agencies, the property of any Choctaw
or Chickasaw shall be taken, injured, or de-
stroyed, just and adequate compensation shall be
made by the United States. Only such persons
as are Or may be in the employment of the
United States, or subject to the jurisdiction and
laws of the Choctaws or Chickasaws, shall be
permitted to farm or raise stock within the lim-
its of any of said military posts or Indian agen-
cies. And no offender against the laws of either
of said tribes shall be permitted to take refigo
ARTICLE XVII. The United States, or any
incorporated company, shall have the right of
way for railroads or lines of telegrphs through
the Choctaw and Chickasaw country; but for
any property taken or destroyed in the construc-
tion thereof, full compensation shall be made to
the, party or parties injured, to be ascertained
and determined in such manner as the President
of the United States shall direct.
ARTICLE XIX. The nited States shall, as
soon as practicable, cause the eastern and west-
ern boundary lines of the tract of country de-
scribed in the first article of this convention, and
the western boundary of the Chickasaw district,
as herein defined, to be run and permanently
ARTICLE XX. That this convention may con-
duce as far as possible to'the restoration and

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