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Keeling, Ralph Franklin, 1901- / Gruesome harvest

Chapter IX - the Kremlin's program,   pp. 98-110 PDF (4.5 MB)

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the very marrow out of the bones of any economy, has been
deliberately created. Russia's share of the occupation marks
which had been printed up in advance by the U. S. Treasury
was not enough. She asked for the plates and after we turned
them over to her printed up and circulated untold billions
more. Finally, she opened the vaults of the Reichsbank, its
branches, and other banks and seized their contents.l7 The
resulting inflation has yielded fabulous spoil at little or no cost
and at the same time helped to ruin and expropriate the prop-
ertied class.
The dispossessed German masses have been reduced to pros-
trate, helpless, submissive proletarians. Having lost all indi-
vidual security, they are utterly dependent upon their new
masters for jobs, food, and all other necessities. Since nothing
is supplied to critics and objectors, survivors are submissive.
Farmers, as stated before, were stripped of equipment, tools,
seeds, and livestock during the early looting. To obtain re-
placements necessary to carry on operations they must apply
to the "co-operatives" which are under communist control
and which use their monopoly to prevent "politically unre-
liable" farmers from obtaining essential supplies. Unless they
submit, they must abandon farming and give up their land.
In this fashion the way is opened wide for zonal sovietization
with minimum interference.
Soviet authorities believe that the German masses will en-
thusiastically accept the liquidation of the propertied classes
as liberation from capitalistic exploitation. Carefully censored
press and radio assure them that the present painful difficulties
are only birth pains of a glorious new order which had been
blocked by the former upper classes. In harmony with this
thought, all schools and universities that are operating teach
the Germans the advantages of communism and belittle the
western democracies as strongholds of fascism and capitalistic
exploitation, of wretched imperialism and fomenters of im-
perialist wars. Such ideas are taught the members of the Rus-
sian sponsored, nationwide "Free Youth" movement, 19 and
thousands of children who have been snatched from their
families and placed in special children's "Homes" for system-
atic indoctrination. 20 Here is a sample of what they are

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