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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Massachusetts (2)

Massachusetts chronology, 1773-1790,   pp. xxxv-xxxviii

Page xxxvii

MASSACHUSETTS CHRONOLOGY, 1773-1790                    xxi
post 24 August
11-14 September
30 November
25 January
4 February
21 February
22 February-
3 March
10 March
10 March
9 April
14 May
21 May
25 May
28 May
29 May
1 June
27 August
12 September
17 September
25 September
17 October-
24 November
18 October
18 October
20-25 October
24 October
31 October
2 November
3 November
Governor and Council appoint Samuel Breck an Annapolis
Convention commissioner.
Annapolis Convention meets and calls for a convention to
meet in Philadelphia on 14 May 1787..
New York and Massachusetts settle land dispute.
Militia under General William Shepard routs Shaysites at
Militia under General Benjamin Lincoln routs Shaysites at
Petersham (end of Shays's Rebellion).
Congress calls for Constitutional Convention to meet in
General Court adopts resolution authorizing appointment of
delegates to Constitutional Convention.
General Court appoints delegates to Constitutional
Convention (Francis Dana, Elbridge Gerry, Nathaniel
Gorham, Rufus King, and Caleb Strong; Dana does not
General Court repeals resolution of 22 February.
General Court adopts resolution requesting Governor to
grant commissions to delegates to Constitutional
Governor James Bowdoin issues commissions to delegates to
Constitutional Convention.
Constitutional Convention meets, but lacks a quorum.
Rufus King first attends Constitutional Convention.
Constitutional Convention attains quorum.
Nathaniel Gorham and Caleb Strong first attend
Constitutional Convention.
Elbridge Gerry first attends Constitutional Convention.
John Hancock becomes governor.
Caleb Strong leaves Constitutional Convention by this date.
Elbridge Gerry's motion in Constitutional Convention for
committee to consider a bill of rights is defeated
Constitution signed in Constitutional Convention by
Nathaniel Gorham and Rufus King; Gerry refuses to sign.
First printing of Constitution in Massachusetts.
General Court meets in Boston.
Governor Hancock delivers Constitution to General Court.
Elbridge Gerry writes to General Court explaining why he
did not sign Constitution.
General Court debates and calls state convention.
James Wilson's speech of 6 October first printed in
Massachusetts Senate reads Gerry's 18 October letter.
Massachusetts House reads Gerry's letter.
Gerry's letter first printed.

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