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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Massachusetts (2)

Acknowledgments,   pp. xxiii-xxiv

Page xxiv

xxiv                           ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
staff. The staffs of the reference, circulation, catalog, and acquisitions
departments of the Memorial and Law libraries of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison have also been most obliging, particularly the Law
Library's William J. Ebbott, Gloria J. Holz, Michael C. Kloman, Mary
Jo Koranda, Cheryl A. O'Connor, Nancy A. Paul, and Eric E. Taylor.
Others have provided essential information or copies of documents:
Valdine C. Atwood, Machias, Maine; George Athan Billias, formerly of
the Department of History, Clark University; Shirley A. Bock, Belcher-
town, Mass.; Kenneth R. Bowling and William Charles diGiacom-
antonio, Documentary History of the First Federal Congress; the late
Lyman H. Butterfield, former Editor-in-Chief of The Adams Papers;
Douglas E. Clanin, Indiana Historical Society; Frank M. Clover, Do-
menico Sella, and Johann P. Sommerville, Department of History, Uni-
versity of Wisconsin-Madison; Peter Drummey, Brenda M. Lawson,
Alyson Reichgott, Virginia Smith, and Jennifer Tolpa, Massachusetts
Historical Society; Leslie Fields and Marilyn Palmieri, the Pierpont Mor-
gan Library, and Lori E. Gilbert, formerly of that library; Raymond W.
Fischer of Dalton, Mass.; James C. McKeown and Jeffrey E. Willis, De-
partment of Classics, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Leonard Rap-
port, Washington, D.C.; Andrew M. Riggsby, Department of Classics,
University of Texas at Austin; Paul Romaine, Gilder Lehrman Library,
New York City; and Melanie Wisner, the Houghton Library, Harvard
University. Anke Ortlepp of the Institute of Anglo-American History at
the University of Cologne, Germany, translated some German-language
We are also deeply indebted to the volunteers at the Family History
Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Madison,
Wisconsin, and to scores of town and city clerks and archivists, other
local government officials, and those individuals in public libraries, mu-
seums, historical associations, commissions, and societies who are re-
sponsible for the care of the town records of Massachusetts.
The following individuals have granted permission to publish docu-
ments: Charles E. Pierce, Jr., Director of the Pierpont Morgan Library
(the Gilder Lehrman Collection); Richard A. Ryerson and Celeste
Walker, Massachusetts Historical Society (The Adams Papers); Gera Ma-
tobo, the Forbes Magazine Collection, New York City; and Henry G.
Fulmer, South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.
In addition we acknowledge the contributions of Kimberly Scott Lit-
tle, Adam Parker, and Sylvia A. Sheridan, former, editorial assistants on
this project. Lastly, we thank Scott Wiand, who, under the direction of
Onno Brouwer of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cartographic
Laboratory, prepared the Massachusetts map found on the end papers.

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