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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Massachusetts (2)

Acknowledgments,   pp. xxiii-xxiv

Page xxiii

This volume was supported principally by grants from the National
Historical Publications and Records Commission, the National Endow-
ment for the Humanities, and the E. Gordon Fox Fund. Substantial aid
was provided by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Evjue
Foundation, the Hamilton Roddis Foundation, and Laura L. Linden.
Financial support has also been received from Gordon B. Baldwin,
Lance Banning, Steven R. Boyd, Frederick H. Campbell, Paul C.
Gartzke, Jfirgen Heideking, Maeva Marcus, and Frederick B. Wade.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to Roger A. Bruns, Timothy
D. W. Connelly, and Mary A. Giunta of the NHPRC; William R. Ferris,
James Herbert, and Daniel P. Jones of the NEH; Michael S. Joyce and
Dianne J. Sehler of the Bradley Foundation; and Mrs. Dudley W. Pierce
of the Hamilton Roddis Foundation.
A continuing debt of gratitude is owed to the administration, faculty,
and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, especially Chancellor
David Ward; Provost John D. Wiley; Dean Virginia S. Hinshaw and As-
sociate Deans Fannie J. LeMoine and Mareda R. Weiss of the Graduate
School; Dean Phillip R. Certain and Assistant Deans Donna C. Jahnke
and Margaret M. Sullivan of the College of Letters and Science; Arthur
0. Hove, formerly. of the office of the vice chancellor for academic
affairs; Chair James S. Donnelly, Jr., Sabrina L. Braaten, Debra A. Heg-
erfeld, Sandra J. Heitzkey, Danny C. Struebing, Judith A. Vezzetti, and
Kris Ann Ward of the Department, of History; and Cheryl E. Gest, Au-
gust P. Hackbart, Barbara M. Henn, Robert H. Perkl, LaVon E. Flynn,
and Monya M. Schulenberg of Research and Sponsored Programs.
For aid in fund raising, we are indebted to the University of Wiscon-
sin Foundation, especially Andrew A. Wilcox, Martha A. Taylor, Robert
G. Lange, and Jennifer Kidon-DeKrey, and to Theodore S. Hamerow,
professor emeritus of history, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin has been our primary re-
search library and our publisher for many years. The Society's staff
continues its invaluable and splendid support. We thank former Direc-
tor H. Nicholas Muller 111, Director George L. Vogt, Associate Director
Robert B. Thomasgard, Jr., Loraine P. Adkins, Lori Bessler, James D.
Buckett, M. Elizabeth Cowell, Carol Crossan, James P. Danky, Susan J.
Dorst, Michael Edmonds, Gerald R. Eggleston, J. Kevin Graffagnino,
James L. Hansen, Laura Hemming, Harold L. Miller, Sue Mueller,
Charlotte Mullen, John A. Peters, Keith Rabiola, Geraldine E. Strey,
and Lloyd F. Velicer. We dedicate this volume to the Society and its

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