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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Pennsylvania

[Documents 1-100, 27 December 1786-4 October 1787],   pp. 1-539

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2 Pro Republica, Columbian Magazine, 7-10 January 1787
Thoughts on the present Situation of the Foederal Government
of the United States of Americe.
In an age, when philosophical enquiries have universally
pervaded the civilized world; and when human researches have
been directed to the attainment of useful knowledge; the arts
and sciences have arrived to a degree of improvement that
justly distinguishes the present century as the aera of re-
fined genius and learning. Objects of science are, however,
continually acquiring new lights; and the arts are still ad,
vancing towards the highest perfection of which they are sus-
ceptible: perseverance in the investigation of the nature,
properties, and the uses of things, must necessarily lead to
further attainments in knowledge.
The more intimately we are acquainted with the works of
nature, the greater must be our admiration and reverence of
the Creator and Governor of all. When we contemplate the
perfection, order, fitness and beauty of the stupendous system
of the universe, we cannot sufficiently love and adore HIM, by
whose infinite goodness, wisdom, and power all was produced,
and the whole is governed!
Amidst all the acquirements of human wisdom, the science,

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