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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Delaware

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 410

burdas. of virtue, fr.aled up and prfe*l dowi., d.
* wcre, plt we Mzy refoinably hopc wii, cae
ay, beft fo:, and ovcrv1.:1m the a verfari. of
truth and Good gc vernmeut.  The  otaole :  'ic
btw"ti the DICNYSIAN 'prefcotces of Nor-
Czaie, and the iule turies, has dre.dy brought
be gJ to the backs of .b: New-Cafle whigs, nd
w.'J prou:hLy foon rmo:re th:;'n from their leharrgy,
zoc bring them to a quikk fz Ec of fcling. They
Fi; !hen no longer make light at he firugeIes of
 rter conat- brethren, but leaguing m the
c' A no cauf:, will have it av-iply in dicir p cwer to
.v ra new c7f ,z Lhe goverament, equvue to an redrets of our grievancej
Albough eC-.ry oithe: :neanj u:xter havi -ence
fhouli fail us, wr hope at leaft to derive oamo crnte -
latia from rae NE1W FEDERAL CONSTITU
STON: From hence e pay cped fomc fuanding
ir. tils:cs to walk by. trandulcEt rEn'2live
laws, -.ill be nomore. T h* injured iad oppreffd
army crdc.itors DI Delaware, may ne-ce expca a
jui reward :o cheir patice virtu., and nape to derive
base em    ne   from their publik  ecurities. All
god men alli reicce 4q the a- profpr;I of an %d- l
frmakl of nauralizatioc, and tha* DELA WARH
%rW  not be deftined m -he flik of TGRfYSM.
And ..&Lugh it .     e.d be long, before Viue lUd
beca tvriamphant over Vice, Coor0 men will ce-
Verthelfs b. nmor out of tht each and poweCL of
unjust and wicked appreror, tN4 heretofore.
F    I   N    I    S.

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