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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Delaware

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 366

14#6a&iw of the' SUfcribers, Freemen and Inbabit-
eats Ofthe CoaItyof Comty of Kent on Dclaware,
to the Honora'ble Czfar Rodney, William miillen,
as   John Banning, John Hailer, ThomasRodney,and
Vibcent Lockerman, Efquircs, their Reprrfesuta-
tives is A/fembly.
WHEREAS the reprefentatives of the united co-
loniesn North America, adembled in Congrs, a:
Philadelphia, on the fifteenth day of May, did firfi
declare, " That his Britannic Majefv, in conjunc.
" tion with the lords and commons of Great Britain,
' has by a late a:t cf Parliament, excluded the in-
" habitants of thefe united colonies from the protec-
tion of hise'rown, &c. and that it is neceffary
that the eptercirc of every kind of authority under
the faid crown thould be totally fupprefed, and
" all the pow:ts of government exerted under the
authority of the people of the colonies, &c. And
" therefore refolved, that it be recommended to the
"refpcdive affemblies and conventions of the uni.
" ted colonies, where no government fufficient to
" the exigencies of their affairs, has been hitl'ertb
" eftablithed, to adopt fuch government, as (hall in
the opinion of the reprefentatives of the people,
" beft conduce to the happintfs and fafcty of their
conftituente, in particular, a4d Aperica in gene-
And whereas it is our opinion, that our prent
gc vermnent is not " Sufient to the exigencies of
our affairs," and we having full faith and con~dence
in he virtue and %yifdim of the Congrefs, ar.d be-
ine convinced of the propriety and nece'lity of corn-
plying. with the above recommendation, and not
doubting but it$ will anfwer. the valuable purpole
thereby inted4                              Ve
(    13     )
We do thereforc hereby infhita a0 require you
to ex-rt ycur utmoft virtuous endv6urwc in alex>
bly to have the fame coa plied with, always Ling
to the freeman a.d inhabitnr of this cclony, the
full enjoyment of their juft rights and liberties, agree-
ale to the coqftitution, laws. cuftoms and ufages of
the faid co'ony, to far as the famc are not injurious
or deflrudli% e to the union, and general fafetypand
happinefs oi the united colonies.
But in cafe the boufe of afTembly (hall refufe or
negicat to comply with the above recommendation;
we do further hereby inftru6t and require you to ex-
erkyour utnr.ft virtuous endeavours, to get the faid
aflembiy to direa the appointment of a convention
irhis colony, to 'Oe held for the purpofe aforefaid,
and not to cordlit of lefs thao ninety members, and
if this (hall be de iied, that you tmen withdraw your.
felves, and diffolve the faid affembly.
We truft that you will cifcharge your duty as be-
fore directed with the greatcP fidelity, and in fuch
manner as fhall beft conduce t. the happinefs and
fafety of your confltucnts in particular, and Ameri-
ca in general,
re the boworal theReprefntatici-c of the Framesn of
the Countie: of New-Cqfle, Kewt, and Sufex, on
Delaware, in Afembsy me:.
The Addrefs and Remonftrancc of the fubferibcrs,
Inhabitants of Kent County, on Dclaware.
WHEREAS to our great concern and furp-ize,
we have been informed that a paper callcd a Petition,
Remonfirance, or Inftrudlion to the houfe of affem-
by cf this governmcrt, has been handed &bout
amo ri. g

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