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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Delaware

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 362

4 )
4o Iftar oftie Tyrants tlgi has been auled r4
fwore pointed 1oiice and trwelty to lodividthis, or
snole #iface to the IUse, than that immediately
pall. I therefore hold myflf bound to fulfil my
engagements, fo fal at leaft, as relates to the Tyrant
himidf.  As to thofe lieutenants and adjutants,
whom he hath taken to his affilflacce, in corrupting
and opprdlinq the pea pc, whole hiferies are aflo
promifed, and all con rpire to illufarate that of the
Tyrant, they thall follow in due fedfon, if neceffary.
But   Ril hold myfelf at liberty to decline this difa-
greeable talk, as foon as there (hall be no further
occatinn for profecuting the work. Uninfluenced
by any perfonal motive wharfoever, this hiftory is
und'erraken with a view to a common benefit only.
When this is attained, the author will be content to
rell from his labours, an4 not before..
This profeffion is in no wife inconfiftent with the
perfonal application of this performance.  It has
availed nothing to remonifrate igainft meafures.
The fubje& of pubtic credit, particularly, has been
exhaufted, with no better effea, than the utter de-
firuaion of it; Since tOhe moire delicatmcans have
failed, it only remains to expofe the authors of our
Oigrace and misfortune, as the laft refource for
obtaining the aid and affilftance we fbnd in need E
e I mean not to indulge the fancy of facitus, or the
wit and humour of Afoore; - but with the candor of
Ramf/y to join the unreferved plainnefs of Common
Senfe. The fimple truth well told, will make my
flory of that extraordinarv nature, as fufficiencly to
engage the reader. And I have only to requcft of
thofc who may think the fubjeo of an intcrefting
nature, to examine well into the truth of the fatd
askdged, apd then to judge d  thofe fifcc@s tid
regedions, which' niftrally accoMpany    d 4
Although all tyirnth are pgoer ibjes of   ite
and lanpoon, and noze can e 1tg bf te(W otO , at
more dcferiotig of fIch treatmcnt fhei %t, this
hiflory thall, nverthdcds, fpare thid on that rfae.
It is intendcd not as 4n addref to the finey aid P!ff-
fions of the weak and unthinking; but as a totktnn
appeal to the tober fenfe and uinderftan&nt 'of en-
lightened minds. Private charader, therore, thall
have no admittance into this work. The public at
political charader of Dionus, (hall alone be ex-
pofed. His family, only, are interefted in the for-
mer: All America have an iptereft in, and a right
to kqow the latter. By ineans of intrigue and fac-
tion, he has found it but too eafy to mintmin his
wer, and prad1ice the moft unrighteous admin-
Llration, witbin the finall circle of Dtlawcre. We
ba.. fame euiofuy to knovw whether his addre1s will
ferve him, at the more impartial tribunal of the con-
tinent. It is alfo hoped and cxpelcd, that the peo-
ple of Dd/aware, themfelves, are prepared at this
crifis, by awakened attention, to receive the trumth*
and be duly guarded againft the wiles and impofid-
one of a man, who does not hefitate, in any infance,
to facrifice the honor and intereft of the flate, to his
own ambition.
Th nature and defign of this performance necef-
farily requiring brevity, does not admit of defcend-
ing to minute particulars, of littlb or no importance.
The great outlines, the'firong features of charaiter
and condue, are all that are neceffary to our prefcnt
purpdef. The Lifforba of more Icifure, nwho thal!

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