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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Delaware

Brutus: an enquiry into the present grievances of America, (Philadelphia) Freeman's journal, 28 May 1788,   pp. 347-351

Page 351

quality, it is evident that the manufacture of this linen
has employed no person in the state, and the whole cost
goes directly from us. From hence it may be easily proved
that it is cheaper to buy home made linen at 9s. than
foreign linen of the same quality at 6d. per yard. But
the generality of men are averse to abstract thinking--
they will not look beyond the surface of things; and the few
who do investigate the matter, will not act up to the
dictates of their own reason, but cry out--I as an individual
can contribute but little to the encouragement of manufactures,
besides I do not chuse to appear singular, but wear what
others wear.
"What then remains to be done, but to elect such men
in your legislatures, who you are convinced will prohibit
European manufactures and encourage our own, we will then
have the most skillful artificers Europe can afford, they
will migrate here as soon as they are encouraged, but if
we do not encourage them how can we expect them? The few
that are here now, are obliged to go to hard labour for
subsistence; if they do not they must steal or starve."
1. The Journal reprinted this item from the Delaware
Gazette, date unknown.   The item was reprinted eleven times
from Massachusetts to South Carolina by 27 October 1788.

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