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Wolff, R. L.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / The later Crusades, 1189-1311

Important Dates and Events,   pp. 759-762 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 760

1201 (probably) Alexius [IV] escapes to Italy, asks crusaders to oust Alexius
1202 early Sept. Venetians under doge Enrico Dandolo take cross 
1202 October 1 Crusaders sail on Venetian ships to attack Zara 
1202 November 24 Zara falls, is looted and given to Venice; crusaders winter
1203 April—June Crusaders sail from Zara to Corfu to Euboea to Chalcedon
1203 July 6 French and Venetians begin siege of Constantinople 
1203 July 17 Major assault fails, but Alexius III Angelus flees 
1203 August 1 Alexius IV Angelus is crowned co-emperor with blinded Isaac
1204 February 1 Alexius V Ducas deposes Isaac II, strangles Alexius IV 
1204 March Crusaders plan attack, sign treaty dividing potential spoils 
1204 April 13 Constantinople is taken by Latins, sacked; Fourth Crusade ends
1204 April Trebizond is captured by Comneni with Georgian support 
1204 May 9 Baldwin of Flanders is elected Latin emperor by crusaders 
1204 October Byzantine empire is partitioned among crusaders 
1204 November Ioannitsa is crowned king of Bulgaria by Catholic primate Basil
1204—1205 Geoffrey of Villehardouin and William of Champlitte conquer
1205 April 1 Aimery dies, leaving Cyprus and Jerusalem under separate regencies
1205 April 14 Baldwin is captured by Ioannitsa, slain; brother Henry is regent
1205 November William of Champlitte becomes prince of "Achaea" (Morea) 
1206 August 20 Henry is crowned Latin emperor of "Romania" 
1207 Deaths of Ioannitsa and Boniface disrupt Bulgaria and Thessalonica 
1208 January 14 Murder of Peter of Castelnau touches off Albigensian Crusade
1208 spring Theodore I Lascaris is crowned Greek emperor at Nicaea 
1209 May Geoffrey I rules Achaea as vassal of Latin empire, founds dynasty
1209 July 2 2 Béziers is taken and sacked by northern French crusaders
1209 August 15 Carcassonne surrenders to crusaders, who overrun Trencavel
1210 October John of Brienne and wife Mary are crowned rulers of Jerusalem
1212 spring German phase of Children's Crusade starts in Rhine valley 
1212 June Stephen of Cloyes starts French phase of Children's Crusade 
1212 July 16 Peter II of Aragon defeats Moors at Las Navas de Tolosa 
1212 August 25 Nicholas of Cologne and German pilgrims reach Genoa, disperse
1213 September 12 Peter II is slain as Simon of Montfort wins battle of Muret
1215 November Fourth Lateran Council considers Languedoc, Fifth Crusade,
1216 February 14 Leon II of Armenia installs Raymond Roupen at Antioch (to
1216 June 1 1 Latin emperor Henry dies; Peter of Courtenay is named emperor
1216 July 16 Innocent III dies; Honorius III becomes pope (July 18) 
1217 early July Hungarian crusaders under Andrew II start on Fifth Crusade
1218 early January Andrew II leaves Acre for Hungary, having accomplished
1218 January 10 Hugh I of Cyprus dies, leaving infant son Henry I under regency
1218 May 27 Fifth Crusade arrives off Damietta to attack Aiyubid Egypt 
1218 June 25 Simon of Montfort is killed while besieging Toulouse 
1218 August 31 Al-'Adil dies; sons divide realm, al-Kãmil ruling Egypt
as sultan 
1218 John Asen takes Tirnovo, becomes king of Bulgaria 
1219 early Peter of Courtenay dies in captivity; son Robert is named emperor
1219 May 2 Death of Leon II of Armenia occasions struggle for succession
1219 November 5 Damietta is abandoned to crusaders by Egyptian garrison 
1220 November 22 Frederick II is crowned Holy Roman emperor by Honorius III
1221 August 30 Crusaders surrender to al-Kamil, evacuate Damietta (September
1222 August Theodore I Lascaris dies; son-in-law John Ducas Vatatzes succeeds
1222 August Raymond VI of Toulouse dies; son Raymond VII succeeds as count
1224 autumn Thessalonica falls to Theodore of Epirus, who assumes purple
1225 October 6 An-Näsir, last strong ' Abbãsid caliph (from 1
180), dies 
1225 November 9 Frederick II marries Isabel of Brienne, claims throne of
1226 early June Louis VIII of France leads crusade against Languedoc 
1226 June Hetoum I marries Roupenid heiress Isabel, becomes king of Armenia
1226 November 8 Louis VIII dies, leaving young son Louis IX under regency
1227 March 18 Honorius III dies; Gregory IX becomes pope next day 
1227 September 29 Frederick II is excommunicated by Gregory IX (to August
28, 1230) 
1228 January (?) Robert of Courtenay dies; brother Baldwin II is under regency
1228 June 28 Frederick II sails on crusade in belated fulfillment of 1215
1229 February i8 Frederick II gains Jerusalem under terms of treaty with

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