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Zacour, N. P.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / The impact of the Crusades on the Near East

Foreword,   pp. xiii-xiv PDF (352.7 KB)

Page xiii

 It has been a long journey. We have, however, almost reached our destination.
In the foreword to Volume IV I expressed the hope that the end might be in
sight, and indeed it is, for we have also turned over the sixth and final
volume to the University of Wisconsin Press. From one volume to the next
over a period of almost thirty years we have lost a number of our fellow
pilgrims and crusaders on what has proved to be a rocky road to the Holy
Land. I wish they could have lived to see the publication of the final volume.
Yielding sometimes to necessity, sometimes to the possibility of improvement,
we have introduced several changes into our plans for Volumes IV-VI, on the
whole (we think) for the better. 
 Once more I express my gratitude to Dr. Harry W. Hazard, the most painstaking
editor I know. In earlier forewords I have indicated his numerous and invaluable
contributions to these volumes. He has generously borne a heavy load through
the years. Without his stalwart, unfailing assistance, these volumes would
never have appeared. Both Dr. Hazard and I are much indebted to Professor
Norman P. Zacour, who has given much time and strength to this volume just
as, years ago, he stepped into a breach, and helped us with the second volume.
We are likewise indebted to Mrs. Jean T. Carver, who has retyped hundreds
of pages in this volume, kept track of every change we have made either in
planning or in the text, handled a sometimes voluminous correspondence, read
proof, and helped us in numberless other ways. Dr. Susan M. Babbitt has arranged
interlibrary loans, run down and corrected numerous references, and assisted
us in the proof-reading. And of course we owe the most to those who have
joined us in this enterprise, and who have waited so long and with such patience
for the appearance of their work in print. 
The Institute for Advanced Study 
Princeton, New Jersey 
March 14, 1983 

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