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John J. Boll (ed.) / Reader services in libraries : a day in honor of Margaret E. Monroe

Monroe, Margaret E.
Adult services: prediction and control,   pp. 26-39 ff. PDF (5.2 MB)

Page 26

          The Second Muriel L. Fuller Memorial Lecture
                       Margaret E. Monroe
     Thank you very much, thank you Charles. I wasn't expecting this
review but I appreciate it, and it was beautifully done.
     I was invited for today to give the Muriel Fuller lecture. I
accepted with alacrity because it was to me a very important occasion,
and the role of presenting a lecture was one that I was pleased to
fulfill. I am happy indeed that there are people here today who
represent not just librarianship but adult education, the field of
social welfare, the joint disciplines which Muriel and I both over
the years have drawn upon to develop an important aspect of librarian-
ship, the aspect of public library services to adults.
     May Day, which today is, May Day rings in the ears of University
of Wisconsin Library School folk in a very interesting way because it
has a long tradition of alumni gatherings in times past. I believe
we haven't had a May One Alumni Association meeting for at least fif-
teen years, so I find it very appropriate that, what is probably my
last official attendance as a faculty member, would indeed come on
May Day. You know that May Day has a lot of other connotations, too.
I guess all the rebellious social change folk use May Day as a time
for annual expression. Maybe that's appropriate,too. And you might
not know that May One opens Older Adult Month this year. So there
are lots of reasons why, as I approach retirement from my field of
social action in librarianship, I find May One a very good time to
talk about "Adult Services: Prediction and Control."
     "Adult Services" has always had something of the atmosphere
May Day -- flowers, enthusiastic young librarians, color and motion,

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