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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Paris protocols amending the Brussels Treaty and establishing the Western European Union, October 23, 1954,   pp. 124-141 PDF (6.2 MB)

Page 126

Articles IV, V, VI and VII of the Treaty will become respectively
Articles V, VI, VII and VIII.
Article VIII of the Treaty (formerly Article VII) shall be modified
to read as follows:-
"1. For the purposes of strengthening peace and security and
of promoting unity and of encouraging the progressive integra-
tion of Europe and closer co-operation between Them and with
other European organisations, the High Contracting Parties to
the Brussels Treaty shall create a Council to consider matters
concerning the execution of this Treaty and of its Protocols and
their Annexes.
"2. This Council shall be known as the 'Council of Western
European Union'; it shall be so organised as to be able to exercise
its functions continuously; it shall set up such subsidiary bodies
as may be considered necessary: in particular it shall establish
immediately an Agency for the Control of Armaments whose
functions are defined in Protocol No. IV.
"3. At the request of any of the High Contracting Parties the
Council shall be immediately convened in order to permit Them
to consult with regard to any situation which may constitute a
threat to peace, in whatever area this threat should arise, or a
danger to economic stability.
"4. The Council shall decide by unanimous vote questions for
which no other voting procedure has been or may be agreed.
In the cases provided for in Protocols II, III and IV it will
follow the various voting procedures, unanimity, two-thirds ma-
jority, simple majority, laid down therein. It will decide by
simple majority questions submitted to it by the Agency for the
Control of Armaments."
A new Article shall be inserted in the Treaty as Article IX: "The
Council of Western European Union shall make an Annual Report
on its activities and in particular concerning the control of arma-
ments to an Assembly composed of representatives of the Brussels
Treaty Powers to the Consultative Assembly of the Council of
The Articles VIII, IX and X of the Treaty shall become respec-
tively Articles X, XI and XII.
The present Protocol and the other Protocols listed in Article I
above shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification shall be
deposited as soon as possible with the Belgian Government.
They shall enter into force when all instruments of ratification of
the present Protocol have been deposited with the Belgian Govern-
ment and the instrument of accession of the Federal Republic of
Germany to the North Atlantic Treaty has been deposited with the
Government of the United States of America.

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