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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

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The texts of the Bonn Conventions of May 26, 1952, the European
Defense Community Treaty of May 27, 1952, and other agreements
signed at that time on European defense and the restoration of Ger-
man sovereignty are printed in Senate Executives Q and R, 82d
Congress, 2d session. The EDC Treaty and related defense agree-
ments are also included in "AAmerican Foreign Policy." These agree-
ments did not enter into force and were subsequently replaced by
the London and Paris agreements of September-October 1954. The
latter documents are published in Senate Executives L and M, 83d
Congress, 2d session; "American Foreign Policy" and "London
Paris Agreements, September-October 1954" (Department of State
publication 5659; 1954). The particular agreements in this group
to which the United States is a party are printed also in "United
States Treaties and Other International Agreements," an annual
publication of the Department of State.
On the Berlin Conference of 1954 and the two Geneva Conferences
of the following year, at all three of which the problems of Germany
and European security were extensively discussed, the Department
of State has issued the following documentary publications: "For-
eign Ministers Meeting: Berlin Discussions, January 25-February
18, 1954" (Department of State publication 5399; 1954); "The
Geneva Conference of Heads of Government, July 18-23, 1955" (pub-
lication 6046; 1955) ; and "The Geneva Meeting of Foreign Ministers,
October 17-November 16, 1955" (publication 6156; 1955). Many of
the documents relating to these conferences also appear in "American
Foreign Policy."

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