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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1892

Reports of agents in Oklahoma,   pp. 370-409 PDF (21.8 MB)

Page 372

Freer whisky and opportunity to indulge in licentiousness appear the most
prominent privileges obtained by them so far under the new condition of things.
Per capita payments under agreement ratified March 3, 1891.-Since last annual
rep_)i t 
there has been paid 280 persons $75 each-$21,000; 3,031 persons $56 ea- h
$169,736, all of which was paid in silver dollars. 
Whisky drinking and gambling.-Since the opening of the country to whit  settle-
ment the Indians experience very little difficulty in procuring intoxicants
saloon-keepers in the towns. In most saloons the gamblers' paraphe rnalia
is a 
prominent feature, and, proving very attractive to the Indians, gambling
is in- 
dulgod in to some extent. These vices s3em to be on the increase, and are
fined almost exclusively to the educat-d and young men of the tribes. 
Police.-Owing to the allotments of land in s2vera ty and the payment per
ita of large sums of mon.y to th. Indians, it was considered advi able to
the police force. The force now consists of 3 offic. rs and 47 privates.
rendered efficient service and I beli3ve can be relied upon in any emergency.
Frank T. Bull, Cheyenne, who has been on th, force continuously for more
than fifteen years and who was made captain November 1, 1884, was stricken
with paralysis during the month of March 9nd totally incapacitated for servicv.
He was succeeded by Lieut. Joseph Wawtah-kaw, Arapaho. Mr. Bull was an 
excellent officr and the loss of his services to the Government and influence
among his p3ople is to be regrett-d. 
It is claimed by the civil authorities of the Territory that the Indian police
have no jurisdiction off the agency reserves. The police arrested an Indian
an allotment for drunkenness, brought him to the agency, where h was con-
fined in the guardhouse over night, reprimanded, and discharged by me in
morning. The Indian then went to El Reno, procured the servic-s of an attor-
ney, swore out a warrant charging American Horse and Big Knee, agency po-
lice, with assault and battery; warrant served by the sheriff. I appeared
the police'before the justice, and upon an agreement that the question of
diction would not be considered, I consented to an examination which resulted
in the discharge of the accused. 
Case.                         Charge.              Disposition. 
United States vs. Win. P. Smith---------Selling liquor to Indians---.$1 fine
and 1 day in 
United States vs. Thos. Ford------------Introducing liquor in Indian  .Do.
United States vs. Jesus Erroda---------Selling liquor to Indians ... I $50
fine and 30 days. 
in jail. 
United States vs. J. D Guthrie....-...... Gambling with Indians ---- Held
for grand jury. 
United States vs. B. C. Butler------------Selling liquor to Indians ... $25
fine and 1 day in 
United States vs. ,Io. L. Keller-................-do....................$1
United States vs. - W. Shuts.................-do.------............Plead
guilty to sell- 
ing lemon extract, 
$1 fine. 
United States vs. Jas. Carlin---------------$300
bond for trial. 
United States vs. R. C. Whitt and Carl Gambling with Indians -----.Held for
grand jury. 
United States vs. Chas. Kratzenberger.._ Introducing liquor in Indian  Do.
United States vs. Will A. Pottiger--------
United States vs. Little Bear.------------Introducing liquor in Indian  Indict
in e n t found, 
country.                   awaiting trial. 
United States vs. White Sun Flower----------do.------------------------ Do.
United States vs. Little Snake------------
United States vs. Buffalo Meat.....-------------do.------------------------
United States vs. Mike Short Neck------------do.------------------------
United States vs. Kiowa.......-------------------do.------------------------
United Stites vs. Dry Wood--------------
United States vs. Wolf Coming Ahead-.........-do----------------------- 
United States vs. Thomas fall---------- Horse stealing-----------------.Six
months in jail. 
United States v8. Yellow Calf-------------.Perjury.....-------------------Held
for grand jury. 
On the evening of June 30 four white men camped and ate supper near an 
Arapaho camp about ten miles from       Cantonment, on the north side of

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