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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1883

Report of the commissioner of Indian affairs,   pp. III-LXXI ff. PDF (28.2 MB)


Umatilla Reserve, Oregon- Oregon Railway and Navigatioln Company.-- 
Under the treaty of June 9, 1855, with the Walla Walla, Cayuse, and 
Umatilla Indians, occupying the Umatilla Reserve in Oregon, a right of 
way is reserved for all roads, highways, and railroads, whenever in the 
opinion of the President of the United States the public interest may 
require such accommodation. Upon petition presented by the Company 
to the President on the 9th July last, praying for the issuance of an, 
Executive order, under the provisions of said treaty, to enable it to con-
struct a line of railway from Pendleton to Centreville, Oreg., through 
said reservation, the President, on the 16th July last, issued an Execu-
tive order authorizing the company to proceed with the construction of 
said road, upon arriving at an agreement with the Indians upon the res- 
ervation for compensation to be paid to them by said company for right 
of way, such agreement to be subject to the approval of the Secretary 
of the Interior, who shall secure to his satisfaction the performance of
the conditions thereby imposed upon the company, and shall prescribe 
such furth(r conditions as to filing maps of definite location, &c.,
shall be deemed necessary and proper. 
Maps of definite location of the right of way (which covers about 17 
miles through the reserve), and of grounds required for station pur- 
poses have been filed in the Department, and, under your instructions to
this office of the 19th July last, the agent for the Umatillas was directed
to convene a council of the Indians for the purpose of arranging terms 
upon which the road could be built without molestation. Under date 
of September 4, the agent reported that the Indians had, in council 
assembled, on the 17th August last, consented to a right of way, with 
necessary grounds for station purposes, on condition that the compan3 
pay to the Secretary of the Interior for their use and benefit the stim 
of $5 per acre for the lauds taken and occupied (aggregating 156.75 
acres), and compensate indiv dual Indians of the confederated tribes 
for damages to their improvements occasioned by the construction of 
the road. These terms have been reduced to writing, and signed by a 
majority of all the adult male members of the tribes, and accepted by 
the company, which (pending completion of the arrangements) has 
been permitted to proceed with the building of the road. 
Wralker River Reserve, Nevada-Pah- Ute Indians-Carson and Colorado 
Railroad.-On the 4th December, 1882, I had the honor to submit to 
the Department, for transmission to Congress, the draft of a bill to con-
firm an agreement made with the Pah-Ute Indians on the 9th August, 
1882, and to grant a right of way to the Carson and Colorado Railroad 
Company through the above-named reservation. The agreement in 
question provides for a right of way 60 feet wide, extending over 
and across the reservation about 45 miles, together with the use and 
occupancy of four plots of land for station purposes, aggregating 72.313
acres, in consideration of $750 coin paid by the company to the Indians 
with free transportation for themselves, their fish, game, and products,
to and from all points on the road. 

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