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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1883

Report of the commissioner of Indian affairs,   pp. III-LXXI ff. PDF (28.2 MB)

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pared provided for the grant of the right of way and the use of the 
plots of land so relinquished to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, 
its successors and assigns, for the uses and purposes mentioned ini said
agreement, but required the company, as a condition precedent to the 
use of the lands, to pay to the Treasurer of the United States, within 
sixty days from the passage of the act, the sum of $23,625 thereby pro- 
vided to be appropriated, and to file with the Secretary of the Interior
its written acceptance of the conditions of said section. 
On the 16th January, 1883, the papers, approved by the Department, 
were forwarded to the President, and on the 19th of the same month 
were transmitted by him to Congress for consideration. On the same 
day the President's message with accompanying papers was referred 
to the respective committees on Indian affairs of both houses and or- 
dered to be printed. (See Senate Ex. Doe. N.o. 44, Forty-seventh Con- 
gress, second session.) Congress, however, adjourned without taking 
further action in the matter. A new bill will be prepared and submit- 
ted to the Department for transmission to Congress at the ensuing 
Indian Training School, Carlisle, Pa.-Cumberland Valley Railroad, 
South Pennsylvania Railroad-Botl the above-named railroad compa- 
nies are engaged in constructing lines of railroad which they propose 
hall pass through the Carlisle Military Reservation now occupied, by 
consent of the War Department, for Indian school purposes, claiming 
the right to enter the reservation under State grant. Under the eighth 
section of the first article of the Constitution of the United States, Con-
gress is empowered to exercise exclusive legislation "over all places
purchased by the consent of the legislature of the State in which the 
same shall be for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards,
and other needful buildings." The attention of the War Department 
and the honorable Attorney-General having been called to the subject, 
I am informed that proceedings have been taken to enjoin said railroad 
companies from proceeding with the construction of the roads through 
the property until such time as Congress shall take action in the matter.
Papago Reserve, Arizona-Arizona Southern Railroad.-In pursuaucy, 
of the act of Congress of August 5, 1882, granting a right of way to the
Arizona Southern Railroad Company through the Papago Reserve, sub- 
ject to the consent of the Indians occupying the same, and to the pay- 
ment by said railroad company to the Secretary of the Interior of such 
compensation as should be fixed by him, to be expended by him for the 
benefit of the Indians, a council of the Indians was held under direction
of the Department on the 5th of March, 1883, at which the Indians 
signified their consent to a right of way for the railroad through their
reservation on condition that the company pay into the hands of the 
Secretary of the Interior for their use and benefit the sum of $3,000, 
fence the road, and provide suitable safeguards at all road-crossings 
and cattle-passings within the limits of the reservation. 
b,  --9.A 

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