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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1864

Colorado superintendency,   pp. 216-258 PDF (17.3 MB)

Page 258

sending an agent to vaccinate them free of charge. I believe I have vaccinated
neorly all of the six tribes of Arkansas Indians except the Comanches, the
most of whom have been beyond my reach on account of cold weather and 
want of transportation. 
They have been south of the Arkansas river all winter, from seventy-five
one hundred and fifty miles from this post. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
Specia4 Agent. 
Governor C. T., and ex offlcio Sup't Indian Affairs. 
No. 114. 
FORT LARNED, April 10, 1864. 
DEAR SIR: I have been two weeks among the Kiowas, about forty miles up 
the Arkansas river.  I was four days in Satana, or White Bear's village,
is, I believe, their principal chief. He is a fine-looking Indian, very energetic,
and as sharp as a brier. I He and all his people treated me with much friend-
ship. I ate my meals regularly three times a day with him in his lodge  He
puts on a good deal of style; spreads a carpet for his guests to sit on,
and has 
painted fire-boards, twenty inches wide and three feet long, ornamented with
bright brass tacks driven all around the edges, which they use for tables;
has a brass French horn, which he blew vigorously when the meals were ready.
I slept with Yellow Buffalo, who was one of the chiefs that visited Washington
with Major Colley. They have quite a number of cows and calves, and a good
many oxen and some mules and American horses, that they say they stole from
Texas. A body of Kiowas and Comanches, and some Cheyennes, intend to' 
make another raid into Texas in about five or six weeks.  I apprehend that
their successful expedition there will embolden them to make aggressions
trains passing up the Santa Fd road this spring and summer.   They like 
liberality, and will suffer those to pass through their country, and even
their villages, with impunity, who are generous enough to give them a little
provisions, while they will steal the stock of the stingy man who refuses
to give 
them anything.   I think I have about finished vaccinating all the Arkansas
river tribes, except some Comanches seventy-five or one hundred miles-away
south of the river, whom, on account of the cold weather and for want of
portation, I have not been able to visit. 
Major Colley will be here in four or five days, and I expect to return with
him to Lyon, on my way to Major Head's agency to vaccinate his Utes. The
major told me he thought I had better go there when I finished here. 
I have found it very difficult to save virus from the Indians, and am likely
to run out again. Will you be kind -enough to order two dozen crusts of 
vaccine virus to be sent to Fort Lyon? 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
Hion. W. P. DOLE. 

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