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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1864

Colorado superintendency,   pp. 216-258 PDF (17.3 MB)

Page 229

Denver, June 16, 1864. 
GENERAL: I have the honor to enclose copies of two statements made by 
Mr.      on the subject of the Indian war. I have other statements which
corroborate those of Mr.-. Hostilities by these Indians have commenced, 
as set forth, and the attacks have been made on our troops and the"
citizens of 
various points on the Platte and Arkansas, and now really endanger your lines
of communication as well as ours. I wish to ask if a force from your depart-
ment cannot be sent to our border to co-operate with our troops in chastising
these Indians, whose alliance is extensive and extends to your department,
you see by Mr. -'s statement.   Our forces have been weakened here by 
drafts for "the campaign in the States, so that we are unprepared for
this emer- 
gency. The troops have withdrawn from Fort Garland, and you see we may 
yet have trouble there, by a letter from a reliable source. 
Please place all the troops you can spare in shape to co-operate with both
from ForeUnion and in the San Luis valley, while a whole regiment sent to
Fort Union, with orders to respond to a call against the Indians from General
Curtis, would be of the greatest service. 
The copies of correspondence want to be kept private, for the safety of the
I should have sent this application sooner, but hoped to get all the force
necessary from Kansas. 
Please let me know what you can do in our aid. 
I have the honor to be your obedient servant, 
Governor Colorado Territory. 
Brigadier General CARLETON, 
Commanding Department New Mexico, Santa F7. 
Denver, July 12, 1864. 
SIR : I enclose for your instruction copy of letter received from the Depart-
ment of the Interior. 
While a liberal compliance with the suggestion that the Indians should be
collected about the buffalo range may be impracticable on account of the
presence of hostile Indians, yet, so far as possible, you will act in compliance
therewith, and avoid any great outlay on their account. 
I send by Colonel Chivington three thousand dollars on account of Cheyenne
and Arapahoe treaty stipulations, with which to provide means to feed those
tribes as they come in on my request. 
You will be careful to keep a separate account of the money expended for
each tribe. 
Your obedient servant, 
Governor and Superintendent of Indian Afairs. 
Major S. G. COLLEY, 
United States Indian Agent, Fort Lyon, Colorado Territory. 

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