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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1855

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mation that I am in possession of. In conclusion, I beg to say that 
the Sioux difficulties have been magnified by false and malicious re- 
ports. There is not, as I can find, within this agency, a single hos- 
tile Indian; on the contrary, all are friendly. As to the Wasagahas 
band, if I should demand the murderers of the mail party, I have 
no doubt they would be delivered up to me. In consequence of news 
from the frontier. stating that the "Sioux expedition." under General
Harney, was approaching the Upper Platte, I have assembled all of 
the Indians known to be friendly, and about which there was no 
doubt, on the South Platte and its tributaries, and on the Laramie 
river. The hostile Sioux of the Missouri will not approach the loca- 
lity of these friendly bands, and by having them near me I can pre- 
vent the young men going out on the war path. 
Respectfully submitted. 
Indian Agent. 
No. 26. 
FORT LARAMIE, September 3, 1855. 
SIR: Since my communication to the department, on the 20th ul- 
timol in which I stated that I was gathering the friendly bands of 
Sioux on the South Platte and Laramie rivers, I have held a council 
with the chiefs and principal men of the Ogalallah band of Sioux, 
who came in from the head waters of L'Eau qui Court. I explained 
to them the reason why I could not deliver to them their annuity 
goods at present, and advised them to keep from the war path. They 
replied that they had always been friends of the whites, and had not 
broken the treaty of 1851, nor stolen horses from the white man on 
the emigrant trail. 
I had received previously, from the commanding officer of this post, 
favorable reports of the friendly disposition of this band, and of the 
efforts that the chiefs were constantly making to preserve peace with 
the whites, by returning stolen horses, recaptured from the maraud- 
ing parties of the Minne Coujoux Sioux from the Missouri river, and 
by restraining and preventing their young men from joining hostile 
bands in that direction. 
I shall forward to the department by the next mail, of the 15th 
instant, all of the information which I can obtain during the councils, 
to be held within the next ten days with the various bands of Sioux 
of this agency. 
I have just received regulations for schedules of Indian goods, dated 
June 14, too late to forward to the department and arrive before the 
15th September. 
Very respectfully, your nost obedient servant, 
Indian Agent. 
Commissioner Indian Affairs. 

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