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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1905
Part I ([1905])

Reports concerning Indians in Indian territory,   pp. 202-221 PDF (9.1 MB)

Page 209

Chickasaw Nation-Continued. 
Chickasha-     - 
Ryan     ------------------------------------- 
Colbert        --------------------------- 
Choctaw Nation: 
$9, 720 
21, 960 
3, 920 
Tuskahoma                            -------          125,240 
Fort Towson     ---------------------------------93,320 
Hugo        ------------15, 160 
Boswell    -------------------------------------25,600 
Atoka          ----------                             91,040 
Durant      -----------------------------------        23, 120 
South McAlester     ------------------------------23,320 
Wilburton                                               3, 440 
Wister-------------------------                         8,000 
Spiro                                                   7, 040 
Muskogee (paid by voucher) -         -------          39,240 
Total  -.............                           800, 000 
After the field party was disbanded and the payment was closed at the sev-
eral towns mentioned, those who had not been paid and those whose enrollment
was subsequently approved were paid by voucher from the agency office at
The following statement shows the number of Indians enrolled, the number
paid, and yet to be paid, in each nation: 
Natin.                  1Number Number 
Naton.enrolled.                     paid. 
Choctaws        --------------------------------------      16,512    14,928
Chickasaws-----------------------------------------5,362               5,072
Total-------------------------------------------------- 21,874  20,000 
Number Canceled 
to be    (dead). 
1,461        123 
253         37 
1,714        160 
The work incident to this payment and the visiting of the different towns
required, approximately, seven months' service of the entire field paying
and correspondingly large expenditure for salaries and traveling expenses
clerical force. 
Chickasaw per capita.-Section 72 of the supplemental agreement with the 
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, ratified by the act of July 1, 1902 (32 Stat.
641), provided for the payment of $40 per capita to Chickasaw citizens imme-
diately after the approval of their enrollment and the right to participate
in the 
distribution of tribal property. This payment was practically completed during
the previous fiscal year; but there was disbursed, in settlement of unpaid
during the last fiscal year the sum of $15,880 to 397 Chickasaw Indians.
money was all paid, by voucher, from the agency office at Muskogee. 
Loyal Creeks.-The payment to Loyal Creek Indians, or their heirs or legal
representatives, in accordance with the appropriation ($600,000) contained
.the act of Congress approved March 3, 1903, was commenced during the pre-
vious year, but owing to the complications with reference to the matter of
descent and dist;ibution of shares of deceased persons such payment was tem-
porarily suspended. After a reenrollment the same was again taken up during
the past fiscal year, during which year the Indian agent disbursed to 4,506
beneficiaries the total sum of $403,071.05, the payments being made at Muskogee,
Eufaula, and Weleetka. As Mr. James McLaughlin, United States Indian in-
spector, enrolled the heirs of practically all of these original Loyal Creeks
was familiar with the persons entitled to payment and could materially assist
in identifying them, the disbursement of this money was made under his super-
The payment was practically completed, but there are some outstanding shares
and some claims where the enrollment is not approved, which will go over
the current fiscal year. 
Self-emigrant Creek pay ment.-This payment was made under the appropria-
IND 1905-14 

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