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Information bulletin
(January 1952)

German editorials and cartoons,   pp. 55-60 PDF (3.2 MB)

Page 55

("Sie," West Berlin, Nov. 25)
Germaan Eitoriials
And Cartoons
Material for this section is compiled from press digests and analyses prepar-
ed by various divisions of HICOG and OLC offices, and from official releases
of German agencies. These compilations are intended to inform the American
readers of what the Germans are thinking, without interpretation. The
inclusion of any viewpoint does not give concurrence to that view or opinion.
Vishinsky can't sign
because his hands are full!
Foreign Ministers' Paris Meeting
German press comments on the Paris meeting between
the foreign ministers of the three Western Allies and
the German chancellor retlected the political division
of the country, praise alternating with criticism.
'Th~e principal success. of Dr. Adenauer's mission. in
Paris," said the Passauer Neue Presse (Passau, Nov. 21),
"is, in his opinion, that personal confidence has been
established between the four foreign ministers. Dr. Aden-
auer has greatly gained prestige, both for himself and his
country. Between him and the other three the wide gap
between victors and vanquished has been eliminated ...
Mr. Schumacher's criticism is not understandable. D~r.
Adenauer has raise~d Germany from an object of politics
to a subject of politics."
Suedkurier (Constance, Nov. 21) commented that "the
Paris conference is, in the opinlion of all We~stern countries,
a milestone on the road toward Germany's integration into
the Western community as a partner with. absolutely equal
rights, except for a few reservations wh~ich are necessary
iin the interest of dll Germany. The French pre~ss, reports
that, without rais-ing any objection. A year ago that would
have been inconceivable.. .
Muencliner Merkur (Muniich, Nov. 27) thought it "incon-
ceivable that anyone Icould interpret that G~erman-Allied
general agreement as something other than ... the honest
desire of the Western Powers to establish a European
federal relationship with the, Federal Republic of Germany,
with such necessary military reservations as, the world
political situation demands and 'which are of vital im-
portance to G~erma~ny, too ...Because the Western Powers
have realized the necessity to achieve this agreement not
by fiat but by discussion, we can share, Dr. Adenauer's
confidence in the further negotiations."
More skeptically, Schwaebische. Landeszeitung (Augs-
burg, Nov. 28) pointed to the press reaction as a gauge of
Dr. Adeniaueir's success. "The press is by no means an
absolute and negative opposition, but its comments are
equivocal, uncertain and reserved. The neutral Swis~s pa-
pers express a pretty strong skepticism, and even in those
German papers which normally seek to suppo~rt the chan-
cellor, there is little optimism and no enthusiasm at all."
Schwaebische Post (Aal-en, Nov. 27) considered it signifi-
cant that Dir. Adenauer, upon his return from Paris, was
received only by a delegation of his own CDU while the
othe~r two parties in the government coalition stayed at
(Schwaebische Zeitung, Augsburg, Dec. 19)
German Opinion in Cartoons
(Hamburger Echo, Hamburg, Dec. 22)
(Schwaebische Landeszeitung, Augsburg, Dec. 22)
The PWs: "If they. don't release us
soon, we'll be late fot mustering in!"
"For the love of Pleck, don't
let them in!"
John Bull: "But, of course, you have
my moral support."
JANUARY 1952                              5

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