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Mussolini, Benito, 1883-1945 / Foreign evidence on the war at the Italian front, 1915-1918

A note by the editors,   pp. 19-20 ff. PDF (661.7 KB)

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A  N O T E  B Y  T HE  E D I T O R S
The Italians saved the Allies in the spring of I9I5, and years
later it was still the Italians who delt the final blow of the Great War
at Vittorio Veneto. Seven days after they had compelled the Central
Powers to sign an armistice, the Allies were able to do likewise on the
French front.
There was one main difference between the victory on the Italian
front and the victory of the Allies on the French Front: that when the
war ended the allies were fighting four to one, the Italians were still
fighting against an enemy slightly superior in numbers.
Thus the Italians emerged from the world war with the reput-
ation of the best soldiers and the most enduring - equalled only
perhaps by their German and Austro-Hungarian adversaries.
Did the world learn this lesson? Presumedly not, for when two
years ago the Italians set out to conquer Ethiopia every military expert
in the world sat down and wrote an article explaining that the thing
simply could not be done. Other armies, like the French, had taken
years to conquer less than a million Arabs in the Rif, how could the
Italians conquer ten million Abyssinians in a country that made even
the Rif look like a children's playground?
Those expert had merely forgotten that Italian were conducting
the Ethiopian campaign.
The Italians are not conducting the Spanish campaign. But in
that war in which every civilized Spaniard has taken up arms to rid
his country of the Russians and international rif-raf lured by money
to set Spain on fire, there are plenty of Italian volunteers who have
come to the help of their Spanish brothers. It is with their help that
Malaga was wrested from the communists and Russians. It is with
their help that Spain will be soon free again. Recently however one
of these advanced Italian units was attacked by superior forces and
overwhelmed. Momentarily we might add, for they are now again
pressing forward in that very sector.
But the reds and the anti-fascists of the world have been quick

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