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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut

Biographical gazetteer,   pp. 308-[312]

Page 308

Biographical Gazetteer
The following sketches outline the political careers of the principal
Georgia leaders. When known, their political positions are indicated
(1) in state politics prior to 1787; (2) on the Constitution in 1787; (3)
in national politics after 1787.
BALDWIN, ABRAHAM (1754-1807)
Born Guilford, Conn. Yale B.A. 1772. Licensed to preach, 1775. Tutor at Yale,
1775-79. Brigade chaplain in Continental Army, 1778-83. Declined professorship
of divinity at Yale, 1781. Admitted to Fairfield County, Conn., bar, 1783. Member
Connecticut and Georgia Cincinnati. Moved to Georgia and admitted to bar, 1784.
Wilkes County delegate to Assembly, 1785. Delegate to Congress, 1785-89 (at-
tended, 1785, 1787-88). Member Augusta board of commissioners, 1787. Delegate
to Constitutional Convention, signed Constitution, 1787. Member U. S. House of
Representatives, 1789-99. U. S. Senator, 1799-1807 (president pro tempore of
Senate, 1801-2). A founder of the University of Georgia.
FEW, WILLIAM (1748-1828)
Born Baltimore County, Md. Moved to North Carolina, 1758. Moved to Rich-
mond County, Ga., 1776. Militia officer. Member provincial congress, 1776-77.
Richmond County member of Council, 1777, 1779. Surveyor general, 1778. Com-
missioner of confiscated estates, 1778. Richmond County assistant justice, 1778-
81, 1783-84. Indian commissioner, 1779, 1783. Delegate to Congress, 1780-88 (at-
tended, 1780-82, 1786-88). Richmond County delegate to Assembly, 1782-84, 1786.
Admitted to Georgia bar, 1783. Delegate to Constitutional Convention, signed Con-
stitution, 1787. Delegate to state Convention, voted to ratify, 1787-88. Delegate
to state constitutional convention, November 1788. U.S. Senator, 1789-93. Colum-
bia County justice of peace, 1795-96. Columbia County delegate to House, 1796.
Justice Georgia Court, Middle Circuit, 1796-99. Moved to New York. Delegate to
New York Assembly from the City and County of New York, 1802-5. Inspector of
New  York prisons, 1802-10. U.S. commissioner of loans, 1804-16. Director of
Manhattan Bank, 1804-14. New York City alderman, 1814-15. President of City
Bank, 1814-16.
Born Savannah. Member provincial congress, 1775. Member council of safety,
1775-76. Continental Army officer, 1776-83. Chatham County member of Coun-
cil, 1779. Chatham County justice of peace, 1781. Chatham County delegate to
Assembly, 1782, 1784-85, 1786 (declined), 1787-90 (speaker, 1785, 1790). Member
Georgia Cincinnati (president, 1794-95). Delegate to Congress, 1783, 1784, but did

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