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Ratification of the Constitution by the states. Microform supplement: Pennsylvania

[Documents 301-400, 2 January 1787-5 February 1788],   pp. 1419-1652

Page 1419

.30 1 William Penn I, Independent Gazetteer, 2 January 1788
To the Citizens of the United States.
Fellow Citizens,
At this important moment which is to decide on your future
happiness or misery by the adoption or rejection of the new
proposed form of government, a cool and dispassionate investi-
gation of that system becomes indispensably necessary--I have
waited for a considerable time, hoping that the subject would
be taken up by some abler pen than mine--I have been disap-
pointed in my expectation--a great many pieces have indeed
appeared, which have thrown a considerable light on this in-
teresting subject, but they have been mostly of the desultory
kind, and no person (at least that I know of) has as yet attempted
a methodical examination of the proposed constitution, or a com-
parative view of its principles with the principles of a govern-
ment in general, and of a federal government in particular--
Although I am greatly deficient in the necessary abilities, I
have however undertaken the arduous task; and I propose, in this
and the ensuing papers, to go through it in the best manner I
am able, and without attempting to display any ornament or ele-
gance of style, I shall endeavour to explain my ideas with clear-
ness and simplicity--my sole object is to be understood, and to

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