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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1852

Oregon superintendency,   pp. 156-176 PDF (8.2 MB)

Page 156

No. 65. 
Oregon, September 23, 1852. 
SIR: I have the honor to submit herewith my third annual report 
upon the condition of Indian affiirs within the Oregon Superintendency. 
Since my last report, two Indian agents, Edmund A. Starling and 
Alonzo A. Skinner, have received commissions, and entered without de- 
lay upon the duties assigned them. I located Mr. Starling at Steila- 
coom, on Puget's sound, and Mr. Skinner in the Rogue's River valley, 
southern Oregon. Copies of the instructions given to each were for- 
warded to you on the 10th October last. I have expected that de- 
tailed reports from them would arrive in time to accompany my own, 
but the already advanced season will not permit a longer delay; and 
their respective reports will be forwarded very soon after they are re- 
ceived at this office. I have, however, been in regular correspondence 
with the agents, and such letters, and portions of letters, as are consid-
ered important, not already fbrwarded, will be copied to accompany 
this report. 
The post upon the Utilla river, in upper Oregon, lately occupied by 
Elias Wampole, esq., is now in care of special agent Luke Torrance; 
and I am glad to add, that the numerous calls and business matters 
there receive prompt attention. It is to be regretted that Mr. Elkanah 
Walker should have declined the appointment of agent for that place, 
as his qualifications fitted him for its duties, and many friends solicited
it on his behalf. The reasons advanced by him for declining were set 
forth in a letter to you dated July 21. 
On the 4th of August last, I addressed a letter to you recommend- 
ing sub-agent Parrish for the office named, and, knowing that he will 
cheerfully accept, if appointed, I am quite anxious to learn your deci- 
sioun in regard to it. Mr. Parrish, like Rev. Mr. Walker, was formerly 
a missionary, and "religious duty," he says, will overbalance all
other considerations connected with his removal there. 
Before taking my leave for Washington in November last, I found it 
necessary to have a sub-agent at Astoria, in place of Robert Shortiss, 
and succeded in securing the services of Lewis H. Judson, esq., to act 
as special sub-agent until my return, or until he should be appointed to
the office; and I have to inform you that he commenced duty in such 
capacity on the 5th of February, and has received pay from that time. 
His bond was approved on the 12th of May last. He is located upon 
the treaty-ground at Tansey point, mouth of the Columbia river. 
The bond of Samuel Culver, esq., lately appointed sub-Indian agent, 
was approved and placed on file in this office on the 7th instant; and 
very soon thereafter Mr. C. left for Port Orford, his destined post, with
full instructions for his guidance. I have no doubt but that he will 
make a faithful and capable officer. 
Sub-agent Parrish continues his efficient duties in the Willamette 
valley, his headquarters being at Sabine. In the event of his receiving 
the appointment of agent to reside at the Utilla, as before alluded to, I
will endeavor to recommend a capable person to occupy the place he 
leaves. While speaking of the sub-agents, I am reminded to say that 

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