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Information bulletin
No. 135 (May 1948)

Allied personnel on ACA bodies,   pp. 29-31 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 29

Following is the latest available list of the representatives of the British,
French and Soviet Delegations on the
Alied Control Authority and various quadripartite bodies. The list is as
of April 1, shortly after the suspension of
the regular meetings of the Control Council and many of its groups. The list
of the US representives was carried in
the Key MG Personnel, published March 23 in issue No. 133 of the Information
Control Council
Coordinating Committee
Allied Secretariat
Combined Services Directorate
Military Committee
Air Committee
Meteorology Committee
Naval Committee
German Hydrographic Institute
Economics Directorate
Industry Committee
Chemical Subcommittee
Alcohol Working Party
Pharmaceuticals Working Party
Dyestuffs Working Party
Plastics Working Party
Coal Tar Working Party
List CC (Coal Tar) Working Party
List CB Organic Working Party
List CB Inorganic Working Party
List A (Basic Chemicals) Working
List CA (Miscellaneous) Working
Radio-Active Working Party
Soap Working Party
Rubber Working Party
Insecticides Working Party
Building Industries Subcommittee
Machinery an Optics Subcommittee
Metals Subcommittee (Ferrous)
Metals Subcommitee (Nonferous)
Textiles and Consumer Goods
Fuel Committee
Electricity and Gas Subcommittee
Oil Subcommittee
Coal Subcommittee
Food and Agriculture Committee
Forestry Subcommittee
Veterinary Subcommittee
Education and Research Subcommittee
General Working Party
Quarantine Working Party
Livestock Working Party
Field Crops Working Party
Fisherles Working Party
Committee for Liquidation of German
War Potential
War Plants Bureau
Trade and Commerce Committee
Export-Import Subcommittee
Interzonal Trade Subcommittee
Consumer Cooperative Working
Rationing Subcommittee
Gen. Sir Brian Robertson
Maj. Gen. W. C. D. Brownjohn
Mr. Raw
Maj. Gen. V. S. E. Westropp
Air Comdr. R. N. Waite
Brig. A. G. V. Paley
Lt. Col. W. N. D. Barlow
Air Comdr. R. N. Waite
Wing Comdr. PoweU
Wing Comdr. J. L. Galloway
Capt. N. R. Didcinson
Capt. C. Simpson
Gen. Pierre Koenig
Maj. Gen. Roger Noiret
Lt. Col. Glain
Maj. Gen. R. Dromard
Col. K. Meyer
Col. K. Meyer
Col. J. Batistelli
M. G. Valade
Qoimdr. Seran
Lt. Comdr. de Froissard-Broissia
Mr. Mowat                      Mr. Humbert
Colt. Barnard                  Mr. Sauve
Mr. Wickham                    Mr. Audoyer
(The members listed immediately below currently attend
the Chemical Subcommittee listed opposite)
Mr. Widciam                    Mr. Audover
Mr. Kennaby                    Mr. Billet
Mr. Collins                    Mr. Alazard
Mr Hinkley                     Mr. D'Ardenne
Mr. Barraclough
Mr. Wood
Mr. Jump
Mr. Dawson
Mr. Hoos
Mr. Small
Mr. Preston
Mr. Bladc
Mr. Piveline
Mr. Preston
Mr. H. Elder
Mr. J. Proskie
Mr. J. Rumney
Mr. E. Benskin
Mr. C. Heane
Mr. E. Holliday
Mr. J. Schofield
Mr. J. Proskie
Mr. E. Forster
Mr. E. Holliday
Mr. E. Holliday
Mr. E. Holliday
Mr. C. Bailey
Brig. N. A. Blandford-Newson
Col. H. P. Barnard
Mr. E. R. Owen
Mr. S. W. Griffin
Mr. R. H. King
Mr. A. E. Dowden
Mr. C. B. Dyson
Air Comdr. J. F. Coleman
Mr. J. F. H. Sconce
Mr. R. H. King
Mr. W. S. Easterbrook
Mr. J. A. N. McEwan
Mr. G. S. H. Fry
Mr. G. Payne
Mr. A. E. Stewart
Mr. E. G. Scrtvener
Mr. C. H. L. Venn
Mr. E. G. Scrivener
Mr. Delune
Mr. Elwell
Mr. Colmerauer
Mr. Colmerauer
Cdt Rose
Mr. Tezenas du Mon-tcel
Mr. Gamelin
Mr. Duret
Mr. LeBars
Mr. Legrand
Mr. Jussiaux
Mr. Collet
Mr. Rodary
Mr. Suzeau
Mr. Rodary
Mr. Collot
Mr. Sonntag
Mr. Collot
Mr. Burck
Mr. Collot
Mr. Burck
Eng. Gen. E. Paszkiewicz
Principal Eng. (Major)
Georges Gras
Mr. C. R. Tiers
Mr. A. Abelson
Mr. A. Blanche
Mr. Y. Gandilhon
Mr. C. Laurent
Mr. J. G. Schmalzer
Mr. C. R. Tiers
Mr. A. Trochard
Mr. A. Abelson
Mr. G. J. Lamboi
Mr. A. Abelson
MAY    18, 1948
Marshal V. D. Sokolovsky
Lt. Gen. M. I. Dratvin
Lt. Col. Kostenko
Maj. Gen. A. B. Baremov
Ma]. Gen. G. A. Sokolov
Maj. Gen. G. A. Sokolov
Maj. Gen. Alexandrov
Maj. Kazokov
Capt. G. B. Yurin
Capt. Alexeev
Gen. Rudenko
Mr. Alexandrov
Mr. Kalinin
aIrious Working Party meetings of
Mr. Kalinin
Mr. Tjurin
Mr. Gavrilev
Mr. Korelev
Mr. Denisov
Mr. Fedossow
Mr. Fedossow
Mr. Gouvriev
Mr. Kurmashev
Mr. Kouranov
Mr. Horoshillin
Mr. Kutdcerov
Mr. Melkumnov
Mr. A. Kabanov
Mr. L. Korbut
Mr. A. Malinowski
Mr. D. Lysov
Mr. K. Diakonov
Mr. G. Kotov
Mr. N. Terentiev
Mr. A. Karpenko
Mr. D. Lysov
Mr. A. Karpenko
Mr. S. Korolev
Mr. V. A. Zamaraev
Mr. S. S. Kutukov
Mr. A. A. Shunilin
Mr. I. T. Drofa
Mr. A. N. Kudierenko
Mr. Z. B. Libenson
Mr. S. A. Pomanski
Mr. S. A. Pomansky
Mr. Z. B. Libensos
Mr. S. P. Pedugin
Mr. N. I. Strogov
Mr. A. A. Shumilin
Mr. N. I. Strogov

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