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Cook, Alice Hanson Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany (1947)

Cole, Taylor, 1905- Labor relations in western Germany (1948)

Beck, Elmer A. The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany) (1948)

Shaw, Charles E. Human relations in industry = Menschliche Beziehungen Zwischen Arbeitgeber und Arbeitnehmer in der Industrie (1948)

McCarthy, John J. Development of supervisors in German industry; introduction of training within industry "J" programs. (1949)

Dietrich, George Philip The trade union role in the reconstruction of Germany : impressions gathered during a fact-finding tour (1949)

Meijer, Hendricus Johannes; Laan, Reint, Jr.; Koppens, Hendrikus Wilhelmus A message from Dutch trade unionists to German labor (1949)

Mire, Joseph Labor organization in German public administration and services (1949)

MacDonald, D. F. Employers' associations in western Germany (1949)

Hain, Jack Status of Jewish workers and employers in postwar Germany (1949)

Kuenzli, Irvin R., 1897- Trade unions and public education in western Germany (1949)

Bird, Dillard E. The development of management associations in Germany (1949)

Meyer, Henry Joseph, 1913- Darmstadt community survey; development of local community research in Germany (1949)

Southall, Sara; Newman, Pauline M. Women in German industry (1949)

Joensson, Algot Organized labor and democracy in Germany (1949)

Coit, Eleanor G. Labor education in Germany (1950)

Cook, Alice Hanson Bavarian trade union youth ([1950])

Fisher, Paul Works councils in Germany ([1951])

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