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Cook, Alice Hanson / Bavarian trade union youth

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also has a general reading room, a youth hostel, a soup kitchen, and
a dormitory for homeless students.
Regular union meeting halls are available to union youth groups,
and in Nuremberg and Augsburg the union hall has special youth rooms.
Trade union groups are in principle co-educational. This
opportunity to be with young people of the opposite sex is certainly
attractive to many boys and girls, though it does not meet with
wholehearted approval of all parents, nor of large elements of
the community. In those unions where the young members are
predominantly of one sex - girls in the Textile Union, boys in the
Building Trades Union - the youth groups join forces for their
club meetings in order to bring boys and girls together.
Union youth leaders believe that co-education is an important
educational principle based on a realistic view of life and that the
separation of boys and girls is educationally false. Out of their
experience they maintain freer, more natural relationships are thus
developed. Although they know that they are conducting an experiment
in this regard and have sometimes made some mistakes they believe that
the positive values so greatly outweigh the occasional problems
that they no longer question this part of the program.

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