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Cook, Alice Hanson / Bavarian trade union youth

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- 6 -
Reflecting the purpose and structure of trade union youth groups,
three kinds of meetings are held:
-(1) Youth factory assemblies (Jugendbetriebsversammlungen)
meet in the factories on company time under agreements
with the employers that such meetings will serve generally
educational purposes. Apprentices and other young workers
in the railroad shops are called together weekly for
two-hours sessions. At the other extreme, some employers
hold to the letter of the VWorks Councils Law (Law No. 22)
which requires them to permit a quarterly plant meeting
for purposes of hearing a works councillors report. If
a youth meeting is to be held these employers insist that
it be substituted for a works council plant meeting and
thus make youth assembly meetings almost impossible.
The usual thing is that youth assemblies are held once
a month.
(2)  Club evenings (Heimabende) held by the industrial union
youth groups usually meet at the union hall or at a youth
center at regular intervals.  In Munich some groups are
organized on a neighborhood rather than on industrial
union basis, apparently because in a large city travel
Lo union headquarters is not feasible for all young
(3)  A third type of meeting is the educational classes.
Vocational courses are sponsored by individual unions,
but classes of more general nature including the
correspondence course study circles are usually organized
by the secretariat.
All these group members are brought together in city-wide
programs for youth group members which are held every
week in Augsburg, three times a month in Puremberg, and
four times a year in Munich.

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