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An eye-witness at Louvain.

Brief account of the events that took place at Louvain on the 25th, 26th and 27th August, 1914,   pp. 3-9 ff. PDF (3.3 MB)

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AND 27TH AUGUST, 1914.
Except where stated to the contrary, I was an eye-witness of
these events. I cannot guarantee the precise accuracy of the
times given in the report, but they are certainly approximately
correct. For reasons which will readily be understood, I am
obliged for the time being to remain anonymous.
Dr. of Physics and Mathematics.
Professor at Louvain.
Artillery firing audible to the north of the town.
Tuesday     a brisk fusillade broke out in the
25th August, lasted three or four minutes.
6.30 p.m.
town and
A rumour came that the French were approaching the town
from the south. Some German soldiers who
7.0 Pam.  had come to the College to arrange for quarters
went off in a state of great excitement.
8.0 p.m.
firing  on  the Boulevards;   then  a fusillade
increasing in volume in the streets in the
+7icinitV of the1 (,^Wlp.  71-i1JI-4 mobs -: -
in the garden.                         - ┬▒iVo Wuli Wiiisllg
The fusillade died down, to continue intermittently till
9.0 p.m.   11 o'clock at night.
Very violent fusillade in the town; the fire of a mitrailleuse
11.0 p.m.  was heard for a few minutes. I went to sleep.
Awakened by the glare of burning houses. Went up to the
Wednesday.    roof of the College. Several houses in suc-
26th August,  cession broke into flames. By the Old Market
1 O'clock in Place, on which the University Library building
th mabuts, houses blazed up and collapsed one after
another. Watched the progress of the fire anxiously.
1.30 a.m.
The houses next to the Library were on fire.
1.45 a.m.          The first flames darted through        the roof of
the Library.
B  (33)29137(25669)  Pk 270 1500 6115 E & S                 B

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