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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the year 1885

Report of the Indian school superintendent,   pp. [LXXV]-CCXXV ff. PDF (45.3 MB)

Page [LXXV]

Washington, D. C., November 1, 1885. 
SIR: In March last, while upon official duty at Albuquerque, N. 
Mex., Mr. J. M. Haworth, at that time Indian School Superintendent, 
died suddenly. In May last, I was appointed to the office thus made 
vacant, and now make to you the Superintendent's report for the year 
The office of Indian School Superintendent was created by Congress 
in 1882.' Mr. Haworth was its first incumbent. That he was a com- 
petent and faithful officer is a fact established by both his general rep-
utation and the records of the Interior Department, which, upon this 
subject, concur with each other, but he had not, at the time of his death,
determined the functions of his office. It is an office most of the duties
of which are suggested by its title. Only a few of them are stated in 
express terms of law. 
By the Indian Bureau the appropriations for Indian educational pur- 
poses are disbursed; all the teachers and other school employds (except-
ing the superintendents of the Indian Training-schools) are appointed; 
the salaries of teachers and other school employds are fixed; the necessity
for new schools is determined; plans for new school-houses are prepared;
rules and regulations for the government of the schools are prescribed. 
To the Indian Bureau all the schools report. In short, the Indian schools
are supervised and the school system is managed by the Indian Bureau, 
which, in its supervision and management, is subjected, by the Secretary
of the Interior, to only occasional modifying negatives of its suggestions
and requests for authority. All the information required in the man- 
agement of the schools, together with all the machinery by which the 
"An act making appropriation for the current and contingent expenses
of the 
Indian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with various Indian
for the year ending June 30, 1883, and for other purposes." "Approved
May 17,1882." 

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