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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the commissioner of Indian affairs, for the years 1826-1839

Report from the Indian Office [1826],   pp. 507-510 ff. PDF (4.9 MB)

Page 507

I     7    ~oc. No.1                       b07 
Office of Indian Jffairs, .Yoveinbei 20, 1826. 
To the Han. JAmys BARiBOUR, 
.Secretary of War:. 
Sim: 1 had the honor on the 4th instant, of furnishing the esti- 
mate in two papers,.No. 1 & 2, of the amount Which will b required 
to be appropriated for the currentexpenses of the Indian Department 
for the year 1827, to wit: Il81,224.   The demand for"the in- 
crease over the amount appropriated for the last year, to wit: 
B25,124, arises out of new- obligations incurred by treaty ; and by 
an extension of our Indian relations, a reference to which I have had 
the honor more fully to make in my letter of the 4th instant. 
The amount of money disbursed in the Indian Department for the 
three last quartersof the present year, that is, to the s0th of Septem 
ber, is: S-820,080 00 ; and the amount for the settlement of which 
returns have been received within the same period, is 9 573,732 00, 
leaving to be accounted for $246.348 00. This deficiency, if it can 
be so called, is, however, only apparent. It arises in great part out 
oferemittances -which have been made to Superintendents and Com-. 
missiers, for certain objects which have not yet been fully accom- 
plished; and out of the difference between the period in which, by 
the actof Congress amendatory of the act of 1802, approved May 6, 
1829, the Agents are required to make their returns, which is to the 
1st day of September in eaci year; and the period, to wit: the 10th 
of September, thecall for a statement of the disbnrse- 
ments and receipts. The Agents making their returns up to the 1st 
Pf September in conformity to the act of Congress, they show only 
their disbursements up to that date; whilst they are charged with 
whatever they may have had remitted to them for application to the 
30th of the month. The result is, an apparent balance against the 
Agent, and for just the amount which he may have on hand on the 
1st of September, and which may be applicable to the objects for 
which it was remitted to the close of the third quarter of the year. 
It is believed that of the entire amount disbursed, not a cent will 
be lost; and that as soon as the application of the money is made on 
account of the objects for which it has been remitted to the several 
Agents charged with its'application, returns will be received for 
every dollar. 
The amount of demands for this year against the provision of 
$10,000, on account of education of Indian children, as per act of 
sd March, 1819, appropriating that sum for the civilization of the 
Indians, is 51S,783 33k. 
This act went into operation before those to whom it was deemed 
best to entrust its humane provisions, w( re fully prepared to engage 
in their application. The sum consequently increased, andl a surplus 
arose out of this state of things. This surplus inx the first years after

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